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10:20 Government considering new recycling scheme 

Today the Government announced it is looking at introducing a new recycling scheme where you can get cash back for returning bottles and plastics to recycling centres.

The Environment Select Committee is looking at the proposal after receiving a petition signed by over fifteen thousand kiwis asking for a scheme to be introduced. That petition was organised by Kiwi Bottle Drive and its organiser Holly Dove joins us. 

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10:30 Men's mental health barriers in 2019 

It's men's health week this week and last night on Lately we featured a story on male suicides in the construction industry, and following the programme we received an email from Tauranga psychologist Hans Laven who belongs to a group who call themselves MOMO (The Ministry of Men's Affairs).

Hans joins us to talk about why he thinks male mental health is still in such a sorry state. 

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10:45 Uber air taxis to be tested in Melbourne 

Ride share App Uber announced a new service today. A futuristic system of air taxis which would take passengers to the skies. Uber is going to be testing flying taxis in Melbourne, Dallas and San Francisco next year and is expecting to launch Uber Air as a commercial service by 2023.

But Australian Transport Workers Union General Secreteary Michael Kaine thinks that instead of a gleaming utopia, the announcement of these tests sums up all the problems with silicon valley tech companies becoming involved in transport. 

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