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10:20 Uplifting Tamariki

Oranga Tamariki - the Ministry of Children - is under scrutiny as stories continue to come to light all week.

This morning Checkpoint was with the foster parents of a 6-year-old girl who was removed by Oranga Tamariki because, as the parents say, she's Pakeha and they're Pasifika.

And the week started with Newsroom releasing their investigation into the 'uplifting' of babies by Oranga Tamariki. The powerful 40-minute video shows Oranga Tamariki's multiple attempts with the police to remove a newborn Maori baby from its mother in a maternity ward.

Ripeka Ormsby and Jean Te Huia are that young mum's midwives. They're from Nga Maia Maori Midwives Aotearoa, and Jean is its CEO. Jean says they've "just taken off the tip of the iceberg."

She's started a facebook page NOT ONE MORE BABY TO BE TAKEN to ask if anyone wants to share their stories about state care and abuse in state care - either past or present.

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Photo: Oranga Tamariki

10:30 Gaming conference E3 comes to an end 

It may have passed a lot of us by this week, but one of the biggest entertainment industry events on the globe has been underway this week. 

E3 is the main annual event for the video gaming industry and its where all the companies turn up to show off what they've been making and tease future projects.

Last year the video game market netted $131 billion and mobile gaming is now the most lucrative market. Joining us to make sense of the biggest week in gaming and to fill us in on the hits and misses is gaming journalist Oskar Howell.

Gamers compete to be the New Zealand number 1 at the Project Cars 2 champs in Auckland

Gamers compete to be the New Zealand number 1 at the Project Cars 2 champs in Auckland Photo: RNZ Insight

10:45 Pre-Wired: new music hot off the press 
It's time for Pre-Wired, where we talk new release music with RNZ 's Danielle Street! This week Danielle has some brand new material from Auckland duo Purple Pilgrims. 

Purple Pilgrims. Sisters Clementine Adams (left) and Valentine Adams (right).

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly