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10:20 Troop withdrawal from Iraq 

The Prime Minister announced this afternoon that New Zealand will be withdrawing all troops from Iraq by June next year. 

This marks the end of a military mission which began in 2015 when New Zealand and Australia began a joint mission training Iraqi government troops at Camp Taji in central Iraq. 

But what was our role in Iraq and why has the decision been made to bring it to a close? Dr Al Gillespie is an international law professor at the University of Waikato. 

Labour leader Andrew Little meets some of the Iraqis being trained by New Zealanders at Camp Taji.

Labour leader Andrew Little meets some of the Iraqis being trained by New Zealanders at Camp Taji. Photo: SUPPLIED / NZDF

10:30 Ageism no excuse for kiwi employers 

Are you over 45 and looking for work?

A specialist recruiter for people over 45 years old is calling for urgent action from all private and public organisations to ditch ageist attitudes and benefit from experience and knowledge. 

Kate Ross says has come across hundreds of people who have been at the wrong end of ageism, can't find work and save properly to support their retirement. 

Kate's founded the organisation Wise Ones to fight what she says is a scourge on New Zealand as people become victims to a whole host of excuses by employers who are just wriggling out of employing anyone who is in their final 20 years of work."  

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10:45 Does a cashless society leave the regions behind?

Business owners in a small Bay of Plenty town say they'll fight to keep cash flowing in and out of its only bank. 

New Zealand Credit Union, the only bank operating in Murupara, hasn't been able to handle cash since the town's single ATM was ripped from its wall by thieves last week. 

Murupara business owners and residents met with Credit Union representatives and Pem Bird was there too. 

A closeup view of a generic atm facade with an illuminated blank sceen on an isolated background - 3D render

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