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Monday 7 February 2022

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08:12 Zoi Sidowski-Synnott, NZ's first ever winter gold medal 

Zoi Sidowski-Synnott tells of what it took to win New Zealand's first ever gold medal at the Winter Olympics. And her father, Sean Synnott, says his daughter had a daredevil streak from a young age.  

08.18 Photographer Arthur Edwards on covering the Queen

Arthur Edwards is an eminent photographer, who's life work has been to capture iconic and intimate images of the royal family, giving the world a remarkable insight into the working and personal lives of Her Majesty the Queen and close family members.

08.30 George McLeod, Kiwi chef in Portugal making great meals with scraps

Young kiwi chef George McLeod recently set up a restaurant with his girlfriend, called Sem, in Lisbon. Just voted the Best New Restaurant in Portugal, McLeod cooks with the environment in mind, using unfashionable or recycled ingredients. 

George McLeod and Lara Espirito Santo

George McLeod and Lara Espirito Santo Photo: Supplied

08.45 SPCA needs more people to foster animals

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Photo: SPCA / Screenshot

The SPCA needs more people to foster animals, especially cats. More of them are breeding during summer and if people can look after animals for about four to six weeks it eases the pressure on the SPCA's facilities. 

09.08 Professor Yen-Jie Lee, a glimpse into the dawn of time

Tiny particles from the dawn of time have been spotted at Switzerland's Hadron Collider.  The so called 'X particles' are thought to have existed for just fractions of a second after the Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago, when many scientists say our universe was born. Professor Yen-Jie Lee is one of the scientists behind the discovery. 

Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy.

Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy. Photo: 123RF

09.18 Maggie Barry 

If you are using this day off to tend to the garden we have expert advice and some inspiration for you from Maggie Barry.

Conservation Minister Barry announces the draft Kiwi Recovery Plan at Zealandia.

Conservation Minister Barry announces the draft Kiwi Recovery Plan at Zealandia. Photo: RNZ / Tim Graham

09.30 Kate Sylvester, is fashion facing an uncertain future? 

New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester

New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester Photo: AFP

After three decades in fashion one of New Zealand's leading designers, Kate Sylvester, says for the first time in her career she doesn't know what to expect in the year ahead. Some of that is no doubt due to the pandemic but what about the public's appetite for fashion? 

09.45 Richard Mills 

If your favourite fruit has gone for the season - what have you got still to look forward to? Summer fruit enthusiast Richard Mills gives his tips on what is the best fruit to eat right now.

10.07 Peter Fitzsimons, are Australians ready to ditch the monarchy?

Former Australian rugby player and author Peter Fitzsimons is the chair of the Australian Republic Movement. He has launched a new campaign called the "Australian Choice" model. The idea is to eventually sever all ties with the British Royal Family and elect a new head of state.

10.18 Children's author Ruth Paul

Award winning Kiwi author Ruth Paul has seen her children's books translated into Maori, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean. She's written and illustrated 25 books and her latest one is about a lion guarding a cake. 

Author Ruth Paul

Author Ruth Paul Photo: Supplied

10.25 Ali Harper sings Carole King

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Christchurch based singer Ali Harper says the songs of Carole King are the perfect tonic to the past two years. Harper is the star of A Natural Woman at Wellington's Circa Theatre which celebrates King's music. The show was originally planned for 2020 but was cancelled because of the pandemic.

10.45 21 gun salute for the Queen

A 21 gun salute will fire off at midday today in Wellington to mark the beginning of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Lieutenant Colonel Dean Gerling, commanding officer of the 16th Field Regiment in the Royal NZ Artillery, talks about todays salute and the traditions behind it.   

11.00 The Through Line

Karyn Hay resurrects The Through Line, an hour long music feature connecting one track to another, in this case starting with New Zealand singer Aldous Harding through to artists such as Fats Domino.