30 Dec 2018

Insight - The Best of 2018

From Insight, 8:10 am on 30 December 2018

Foetal Alcohol - Damaging Baby Brains

Generic pregnant woman drinking alcohol.

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

It's thought there could be several thousand New Zealand babies born every year with brains damaged in the womb by alcohol after their mother's drank while pregnant. Philippa Tolley investigates what is being done for those coping with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Loneliness - Facing the Void

Depressed elderly widow sitting alone at home

Photo: 123RF

With the UK having recently appointed a Minister of loneliness, Sally Round takes a look what can be done in New Zealand to address the problem, which will likely balloon as the population ages.

Should NZ Schools Ban Mobile Phones?

No caption

Photo: RNZ Insight/Tess Brunton

When students in France returned to school in after the northern summer in 2018 their mobile phones were no longer allowed – by law. But how are New Zealand Schools dealing with the constant distraction? Teresa Cowie headed inside classrooms to find out.

Should Te Reo Māori be compulsory in school?

Yellow folder with Te Reo on the spine

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

RNZ's Maori News Correspondent Leigh-Marama McLachlan asks, could compulsory Te Reo Māori in schools reduce racism?