26 Apr 2015

Insight for 26 April 2015 - Centenary of Gallipoli Landings

From Insight, 8:12 am on 26 April 2015
An image from the top of the broadcast tower during the services.

An image from the top of the broadcast tower during the services. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

Following the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli itself, Insight highlights the special moments from the Dawn Service through to Chunuk Bair.

Christchurch City Council is to plant a tree descended from the Lone Pine at Gallipoli.
The Lone Pine at Gallipoli. Photo: Wikicommons.

"We were walking along on our way back up to The Neck cemetery, and [historian] Ian [McGibbon] …. found a bone and he immediately stopped…. and he very gently eased it out of the ground and when that bone came out of the ground, to me, that’s where it suddenly hit me…  It was already quite a hard situation to be trying to report on, having just come out of the trench. When we saw this bone, it was clearly a limb, it was an arm or a leg, and I found than very difficult …. to actually be faced with that was quite confronting , and suddenly you realised these are people, these are young men, these are people’s children, these are people’s brothers."

 - Susie Ferguson

Philippa Tolley speaks to the Radio New Zealand team at Gallipoli about how those attending have responded to the events marking the occasion 100 years on.