Navigation for Easter Monday

5:45 ANZAC Day Dawn Service of Remembrance

A live broadcast from The Cenotaph, Wellington, presented by Warwick Burke.

7:12 The Concentrators, by Sue Francis

When an intriguing American visits the Temuka library and withdraws poetry, Shelley is fascinated.

7:35 Worldwatch

The stories behind the international headlines (RNZ)

8:10 Anzac Morning with Bryan Crump

A holiday morning of information and entertainment

12:00 The World at Noon

Radio New Zealand news and sport

12:15 Matinee Idle

Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris are back to present an entertaining Easter Monday afternoon.

5:00 The World at Five

Radio New Zealand news and sport.

6:06 Piccole Story, by Craig Thaine

What did our young soldiers bring back from the second war? Forget it - just get on with life. But how could they forget, haunted as they were by memories, not just of pain and suffering, but of pleasure, of friendship, of love? (RNZ)

7:06 The White Stripes in New Zealand

Nick Bollinger looks back on The White Stripes' tour of New Zealand in October 2000. (RNZ)

The White Stripes
The White Stripes in New Zealand. Video still courtesy of John Baker.

8:15 Windows on the World

International public radio features and documentaries.

9:04 Insight

In-depth analysis of a topical issue.

10:00 News at Ten

Radio New Zealand news and sport.

10:15 What's the Word?

With Sally Placksin (BBC)

11:06 Beale Street Caravan

David Knowles introduces the Memphis-based radio show with an international reputation for its location recordings of blues musicians live in concert. (BSC)