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Chris WhittaChris Whitta brings you a glimpse of one of our legends of yesteryear, delves into some randomly selected highlights of history, has a chat with some interesting identities and offers a melifluous and melodious mix of holiday music to soothe the way into the madness of Matinee Idle from Midday!

12:12 Matinee Idle

Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris return with an afternoon of music, mayhem and entertainment.

Plans involve a special on Fifties pre-rocker Louis Prima, a phone-in to find out what's happening at the Tauranga Jazz Festival and a chat with guitar-maker to the stars Paddy Burgin.

The theme, unsurprisingly, is "Make it Stop!"

Needless to say, all of this could hit the cutting room floor.

5:00 The World at Five

5:30 Improv FM

Improvised comedy recorded before a live audience at Circa Theatre in Wellington (RNZ)

6:06Victims No More: Seeking the Middle Way in the Middle East

A World of Possibilities feature featuring candid conversations with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, independent analysts and professional mediators, all intent on finding ways to make the Holy Land whole again (MMP)

7:06 When the Green Flag Drops

Life behind the microphone with race commentator Tony Lee (Pt 2 of 2, RNZ)

7:30Spiritual Journeys

The poet, artist and film-maker Imtiaz Dharker was born a Muslim in Lahore, Pakistan, and educated at a school with a strict Protestant ethic in Scotland where her family moved to when she was a child. When growing up, she began to question and challenge the restrictions of her religion, particularly on women, and poetry was somewhere where she could do this. The titles of some of her poetry collections reflect the issues she grapples with: Postcards from God and I Speak for the Devil. However, Imtiaz Dharker does not want to be labelled a 'spiritual writer'. (F, BBC)

10:15What's the Word? With Sally Placksin

The American actor Al Pacino's long time commitment to Shakespearean theatre (NRP)