8 Oct 2023

Jamie McCaskill: recovering te reo and tikanga with two guitars

From Culture 101, 3:30 pm on 8 October 2023
Jamie McCaskill

Jamie McCaskill Photo: Philip Merry / axolotl

An award-winning playwright, actor, musician and founder of the Maori Sidesteps, Jamie McCaskill’s latest play Two Guitars is a musical journey examining those of a  generation of Māori find themselves lost who have grown up without te reo and tikanga and find themselves lost. 

It’s a great two-hander concept: Billy and Te Po are both aspiring musicians. Te Po is doing it the hard way as a gigging muso, while Billy is in a corporate job lacking the confidence to make the jump. When a pānui calls for Māori musicians both apply but are turned away because they don’t fit the strict criteria. They decide to work together to secure the gig. 

McCaskill also stars in the play, alongside Cameron Clayton in its world premiere at Palmerston North’s Centrepoint Theatre until 14 October. 

McCaskill’s play Te Kuia me te Pūngāwerewere for tamariki based on beloved story 'The Kuia and the Spider' by Patricia Grace, has been on a national tour recently with Taki Rua Productions, including a just wrapped season at Christchurch's The Court Theatre.

Jamie is one of the writers who has contributed to Skin Writing, the radio drama we are currently giving an Encore play as part of the Culture 101 Drama Hour.

Two Guitars at Centrepoint Theatre 2023

Two Guitars at Centrepoint Theatre 2023 Photo: Centrepoint Theatre