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This week on At The Movies we're obsessed with relationships. Robert Kelly reviews a Texan debut film about the expectations we place on each other and ourselves in the run up to a pageant. Miss Juneteenth is on genreal release in New Zealand currently. 

Also on show at cinemas is British film The More You Ignore Me. It was released in the UK in 2018 which is enjoying a cinematic release in Aotearoa this week. It's another example in a pandemic focused world of distributors thinking outside the box of what to play for kiwi audiences. 

It's an adaptation of a book by British comedian, actor and former psychiatric nurse Jo Brand, based on a book of the same name that Brand published in 2009. The film begins in the 1970s and makes it's way through the late 1980s, following the story of a child then teenager called Alice, and her mother Gina. 

Robert also interviews the duo who wrote, directed and starred in American festival season hit The Climb Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin.