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12:43 Pasefika

Paris with 19th century French artist Charles Meryon – the star of a new play by Stuart Hoar, who was captured by the artist's obsession with New Zealand. Stuart's script for Pasefika won the Adam New Zealand Play Award, now it will be seen on stage as part of the 2014 New Zealand Arts Festival in Wellington.

George Henare in Pasefika.

12:48 Photographer Laurence Aberhardt

One of the Arts Foundation Laureates for 2013, photographer Laurence Aberhardt, has documented much of what's been lost to New Zealand over the past 40 years of 'so called' progress.

Aberhart Hamilton Camera and lens by John batten
Laurence Aberhardt, photograph by John Batten.

1:10 At The Movies with Simon Morris

A year after Les Mis, Hugh Jackman is still playing a distraught father in Prisoners.

1:31 Pandemic

The devastating yet forgotten influenza Pandemic of 1918 is remembered in a new stage play. Theatre director Kerryn Palmer's family was one of many that suffered through those dark months. The stories of her forebears are the basis of a production called Pandemic which Kerryn is directing for Bat Theatre's STAB season in Wellington.

Pandemic photo by Tabitha Arthur
Pandemic. Photograph by Tabitha Arthur.

1:48 Freedom Farmers

A new exhibition in Auckland argues for the role of artists as innovators and leaders in New Zealand society. Freedom Farmers, at the Auckland Art Gallery, uses twenty commissioned works from our leading artists to discuss ideas of utopia, freedom and creativity – and leadership. Justin Gregory met with the artist Martin Basher during the installation of his work and asked him what the title meant to him.

Martin Basher Free Spirit No Interest
Martin Basher. Free Spirit No Interest 2009. Installation view, Starkwhite, Auckland, NZ.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Actor Tim Bartlett who's about to head out around the country in the Roger Hall play, You Gotta Be Joking.

You Gotta Be Joking

2:26 Author Brannavan Gnanalingam

Paris Syndrome is where visitors to the city are emotionally crushed by the disappointment of finding it doesn't live up to the hype. Wellingtonian Brannavan Gnanalingam spent a year living in Paris and researching his novel – You Should Have Come Here When You Were Not Here.

Brannavan Gnanalingam

Laurie Bauer2:35 Linguist Professor Laurie Bauer

Victoria University Professor Laurie Bauer on some of the peculiarities of the English language. His specialist area is morphology, the way words are brought together to create new ones. Professor Bauer is one of the co-authors of The Oxford Reference Guide to English Morphology.

Conrad2:53 Director and script advisors Conrad Newport

One of the country's busiest theatre directors and script advisors, Conrad Newport. He's worked with some great new homegrown scripts over the years. But he says there are so many playwrights who deserve a chance that can't get their work staged. This weekend Conrad is taking a workshop on directing at the Tauranga Arts Festival.



3:05 The Drama Hour


A Joe Musaphia play The Train Set, set in Berlin under the Nazis.