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12:43 Meteor Theatre

The fight to save the council-owned Meteor Theatre in Hamilton intensifies with the City Council elections looming.

trees at meteor vic street

12:48 A breaking story that's under embargo!

1:10 At The Movies with Simon Morris

Red 2 features the unlikely pairing of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Bruce Willis.

1:31 The past and future of the School Journal

With the closure of its publisher, the state owned enterprise Learning Media, we discuss how the School Journal started, its importance to writers, how it's changed and what this means for present day School Journal contributors. Former editor Jack Lasenby says he fears for the editorial independence the journal has enjoyed for so long.

1:48 Survive & Thrive

The future is here already, according to Survive & Thrive, Auckland’s annual arts forum and expo, and artists, innovators and entrepreneurs need to be ready for what it offers. Interactive digital artists Harry Silver and Kim Newall are determined not to miss out and they want to help others to benefit too, through a workshop they’re presenting at the forum.  Justin Gregory meets up with the pair at an example of interactive digital art at its most fun.

Harry Silver and Kim Newall
Harry Silver and Kim Newall.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Actor/director Kathy McRae is directing her mother, actor Elizabeth McRae in a play called Gwen in Purgatory at TAPAC in Auckland, opening on Thursday.

This week’s picks are:
Alan Bennett – Take a Pew
Joss Whedon – The Zombie Armaggedon
Joyce Grenfell – Nursery school
Garfunkel and Oates – Pregnant women are smug

Kathy and Elizabeth McRae.
Kathy and Elizabeth McRae.

Holly Matthieson2:26 Last Night of the Proms Conductor

Kiwi Holly Matthieson (right) has been shoulder-tapped by England's most famous woman conductor to help out with the BBC's Last Night of the Proms.

2:35 Hue & Cry

Chloe Lane talks about what persuaded her to set up her own publishing house to produce the art and literary journal Hue & Cry and why she's now moved into also publishing books.

Hue Cry

2:45 The Pallet Pavilion

After a busy summer, Christchurch's Pallet Pavilion has gone into winter hibernation. Being made entirely from wooden pallets, this outdoor performance venue needs watching over to deter vandals and arsonists. So Gap Filler project coordinator Richard Sewell is recruiting volunteers to keep an eye on the place each evening. He tells Justin Gregory it's actually a nice problem to have.

2:53 Whiti Hereaka

A chat to award-winning playwright and novelist Whiti Hereaka about her new play Rewena, her new novel Bugs, and hanging out with a pack of international writers in Iowa.

Rewena by Whiti Hereaka
Tanea Heke in Rewena.

3:05 The Drama Hour

We visit the hell that is the tantalum mines in the Coromandel in Resistance. Then, who got shot in Part Two of Gary Henderson's dramatic News Bomb?