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12:37 Ralph Hotere - an interview with artist and long time friend Chris Booth

An interview Lois Williams recorded at Ralph Hotere's tangi last weekend with artist and long time friend Chris Booth.

Steven O'Meagher12:41 Homegrown TV cop show Harry

Producer and writer of the upcoming TV series Harry, Steve O'Meagher (right), talks about what a star like Sam Neill brings to a homegrown TV cop show.

12:52 Sculptor and lecturer Scott Eady

Dunedin sculptor and lecturer Scott Eady has only a few weeks to make a series of sculptures for the Venice Biennale. He's only just got the news, he has half a dozen works to make and paint, and the Biennale starts in June!

Scott Eady Final
Scott Eady. Photograph by Stefan Mutch.

1:10 At The Movies

Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand taking a guilt trip.

1:31 Behind the Brush

Imagine tracing the descendants of Maori who painted by Gotfried Lindauer last century. Maori TV has done it for a new series called Behind the Brush, and they've also found the artist's own descendants.

Lindauer in Studio
Still from Behind The Brush.

1:46 Dominion Road Stories

It’s been called the street of a thousand stories, and next weekend, Auckland’s Dominion Road gets to tell some. Produced by the Auckland Theatre Company for the city’s Arts Festival, Dominion Road Stories draws upon the road and its inhabitants to tell its tales. And as you’d expect, a certain song by a certain singer will be in there somewhere

domrd emails printable
Image courtesy of The Auckland Theatre Company.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Auckland comedian and criminologist, Matt Stellingwerf.

2:26 The enduring appeal of puppets

We look at the enduring appeal of puppets, even in these days of digital effects wizardry, with British exponent Richard Medrington. He's bringing his solo show – we'll on stage it's him and a puppet, The Man Who Planted Trees, to the Capital E National Arts Festival for Children in Wellington.

2:35 C.K. Stead - The Yellow Buoy

C.K. Stead on the publication of his 15th collection of poetry, The Yellow Buoy.

CK Stead
Portrait of C.K. Stead (right) by Marti Friedlander.

2:45 Coffee house setting for concerts

If you can't bear the thought of listening to a classical concert in noisy surroundings, the Age of Discovery's café setting for Bach as part of the Auckland Arts Festival, won't be for you. John Tibbles explains why they want to bring back the coffee house setting for concerts.


2:52 Expat Kiwi military painter Gary Schofield

Gary Schofield puts the skills he developed working for the Pengaton to great use by creating a painting commemorating Gallipoli.

3:05 The Drama Hour

Part one of a horror story from Dean Parker - Pure In Body.