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12:43 Plans for a temporary Lyttelton public square

Christchurch City Council is putting up $70,000 for artists and others with big ideas for the heritage site. Trent Hiles from the Harbour Arts Collective explains why that money wouldn't be better spent on repairing houses and other infrastructure

12:48 headland  Sculpture on the Gulf

Waiheke Island’s headland   Sculpture on the Gulf outdoor exhibition is now 10 years old. And they’re celebrating by turning the whole thing upside down and putting the beginning where the end used to be. Justin Gregory talks reversal and reinvention with artistic director Nansi Thompson.

CREDIT TO Gill Alcock Fairfax Media must retain credit L R Artistic Director Nansi Thompson Project Director Nicky Cairns
headland Sculpture on the Gulf's artistic director Nansi Thompson and project director Nicky Cairns. Credit: Gill Alcock - Fairfax Media.

1:10 Movies

Dan Slevin (below) rounds up the latest summer season film releases.

Dan Slevin

Aaron Cortesi Headshot1:30 Youth Theatre

Aaron Cortesi (left) heads one of the country's main youth theatre companies, Long White Cloud, which is part of Whitirea New Zealand. But what are the prospects for these keen young things in a small and competitive market?


1:40 Nigel Gaynor - the new Musical Director for the Royal New Zealand Ballet

A master multi-tasker, Nigel Gaynor has to keep one eye on the dancers and the other on his musicians.

Lynn Freeman and Nigel Gaynor
Lynn Freeman and Nigel Gaynor in the studio. Photograph by Sally-ann Moffat.

1:50 Auckland-based photographer, sculptor and slow motion art film specialist Steve Carr

Ten years ago Steve Carr was the first artist invited to exhibit at the then brand new Michael Lett gallery in Auckland.

Dead Time
Dead Time by Steve Carr, 2012. 7 channel installation, Phantom Flex transferred to ProRes HQ files synchronised through multiple hard drives, duration 520 seconds.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Christchurch director and actress, Elsie Edgerton-Till. Her picks are: 'Cheap Flights' by Fascinating Aida, 'Private Lives' by Noel Coward, Wilson Dixon's song 'Life' and Archie Campbell's 'Rindercella'.

Elsie Edgerton-Till.

2:30 Writer, documentary maker, breeder of rare poultry breeds Susy Pointon

Susy talks about her collection of stories based in the Hokianga, why she loves the area, and about how locals keep dropping by with ideas for her.

Susy Pointon
Susy Pointon with her Arabian mare Amira.

2:40 What does the handwriting on old manuscripts tell us

A visiting expert in palaeography, Heather Wolfe, reveals all. She's here for the Rare Book Summer School at Otago University.

Sarah Ballard2:50 Award-winning young composer Sarah Ballard

The world premiere of her work which offers the timpani player a rare starring role.

Right: Sarah Ballard