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David McAllistair12:43 Genée Ballet Competition

David McAllistair (right), the head judge of the Genée Ballet Competition which has been held for the first time in New Zealand.

12:48 Two well respected online sites devoted to critiquing the arts have lost their funding,

Creative New Zealand explains why two well respected online sites devoted to critiquing the arts - theatreview and EyeContact have both lost their funding, while theatreview's founder John Smythe explains what's at stake.

1:10 At The Movies

A look back at the year of New Zealand films, and a documentary about the Donald Trump.

1:31 Dawn Sanders dedication to Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare's greatest champions here in New Zealand, Dawn Sanders, is honoured for her dedication to the Bard and his plays.

Shakespeare's Globe New Zealand

Dawn Sanders
Dawn Sanders at the awards ceremony.

1:41 2013 Auckland Triennial

Hou Hanru, the San Francisco-based curator of the 2013 Auckland Triennial is so impressed with some of our artists that he's going to share them with the world.

1:50 Street photographer Gabrielle McKone

Gabrielle McKone (right) has recorded what she's seen on her wanderings every day since August 2007 and put some of her favourites into a book she's called Catch My Eye.

Gallery: Photographs from Gabrielle McKone's book Catch My Eye

Gorilla frightens lady.
Photograph by Gabrielle McKone.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Filmmakers Mark Albison and Louis Sutherland.

Mark and Louis.
Mark Albison and Louis Sutherland.

2:26 The Harmonica Guy

Christchurch-based musician David Thorpe (below) often tours as a multi-instrumentalist and one man band, but his greatest love affair has been with the humble harmonica.

The Harmonica Guy

Netherworld cover2:36 Chapter & Verse

Jo Randerson brings us Tales from the Netherworld… and a name to remember, Kerry Donovan-Brown, who's won the 2012 Adam foundation Prize for Creative Writing.

2:50 Cardboard artist Richard Maloy

Australia is hosting Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art region right now. New Zealand cardboard artist Richard Maloy is just back from the opening where he is one of the four main stars of the show.

Gallery: Big Yellow 2012 Installation Process

Big Yellow
Big Yellow 2012. Installation process.

3:05 The Drama Hour

Like a Moorish Trumpet by Vincent O'Sullivan. It's described as "a gentle satire about explorer and navigator Abel Tasman".