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NZ Books12:43 The 100th issue of New Zealand Books

Why its editors, Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway, believe it's still important even with all the on line reviews being written these days. New Zealand Books

12:48 The Basement theatre

Ambitious profit-share and renovation plans for one of Auckland's smaller theatres, The Basement, are explained by General Manager Charlie McDermott and Venue Manager Sam Snedden.

Extreme Makeover: Basement Edition on Pledge Me

Charlie and Sam The Basement
Charlie McDermott and Sam Snedden.

1:10 At The Movies

The final Twilight, a nice little movie called Robot & Frank, and the story of fashion empress, and unlikely feminist role-model, Diana Vreeland.

Mark Litwak1:33 Los Angeles lawyer Mark Litwak

What movie studios are in the market for these days and how the movie making scene has changed, from the move away from film to illegal downloading.


1:48 Why Are You Still Here?

Two young movers and shakers in the arts scene, songwriter Anthonie Tonnon who's with Tono and the Finance company and clothing designer Emily Miller-Sharma, explain what keeps them in New Zealand, for now at least, when so many other creatives are seeking fame and fortune overseas. This is ahead of a public forum they're involved in called Why Are You Still Here?

Anthonie Tonnon
Anthonie Tonnon.

2:05 The Laugh Track

Millen Baird and Kiel McNaughton, the minds behind the TV comedy series Auckland Daze.

Millen Baird and Kiel McNaughton
Millen Baird and Kiel McNaughton on the set of Auckland Daze - Season One.

Rodger Fox2:26 Big band leader and trombone player Rodger Fox

Rodger Fox puts his case for government money to set up a national big band, along the lines of a tried and tested model.

2:35 Sculptor Terry Stringer

David Steemson joins sculptor Terry Stringer as he works on one of his most ambitious projects yet.

2:45 Novelist David McGill

Novelist David McGill (below) joins us live from the launch of his latest work, The Promised Land.

David McGill

2:53 Creative Mornings

Held in Auckland once a month, Creative Mornings provide the opportunity for an audience to watch presentations given by those involved in the Creative Industries; from street art to film, digital fx to web development. Sonia Sly speaks to Co-ordinator Jade Tang about the origins of Creative Mornings in the States and the benefit for New Zealand talent to be placed in a context alongside innovative and creative international talent.

Creative Mornings' blog on Tumblr

Creative Mornings.
Image courtesy of Creative Mornings Auckland.

3:05 The Drama Hour

31 Egmont Street is that increasingly rare beast - a radio play recorded in front of a live audience!