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12:43 Fantasy doll maker Tanya Marriott

Doll makers are trying to find a new word to describe what they do which can be a million miles away from miniature perfect people. We find out more with fantasy doll maker, or should that be figurative artist, Tanya Marriott.

Gallery: Image of Tanya Marriott's work in White Cloud Worlds: Volume Two

deer coupleFlyboy

Tanya Marriott's work in White Cloud Worlds: Volume Two.

12:48 The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Why are so many Kiwi artists like singer songwriter Don McGlashan and Maori performer Mika so hot under the collar about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?

1:10 At The Movies

Another filmed version of a live stage performance – Christopher Plummer as Barrymore...

Craig Parker1:31 Craig Parker

Lord of the Rings and Spartacus star Craig Parker (right) talks about fantasy, nudity and fox-fur.

1:45 The New Zealand Fashion industry

Paul Blomfield from Fashion Industry New Zealand (FINZ) offers an overview of the industry, as another established label bites the dust.

Peter Allely1:55 Zeal

Peter Allely (left), the young man entrusted with setting up a new youth arts and gig centre in Hamilton for the Zeal project.

Peter Elliot2:05 The Laugh Track

Distinguished actor and Intrepid Explorer Peter Elliott (right).

2:26 The Waihi gold strike of 1912

Historian Mark Derby and documentary painter Bob Kerr collaborate to remember the 1912 Waihi miners' strike in words and images in a book called Waiheathens.

Gallery: Waiheathens – Voices from a mining town

bill p
Bill Parry,180 x 45, by Bob Kerr. The Waihi Miners Union managed to retain a president by paying his salary themselves, and Bill Parry proved his worth during fierce negotiations with the mining company over competitive contracting. Image courtesy of Bob Kerr.

2:37 Dried Figs

Octogenarian poet Helen Jacobs whose sixth collection, Dried Figs, reflects on the frustrations and plusses of aging.

2:48 Creative Media Collective

Creative Media Collective is the brain child of Auckland film and documentary maker Karl Sheridan who wanted to find a way to collaborate with artists from different mediums. The collective thus far hosts about 30 artists from New Zealand to Russia and even Norway, and not only does it run its own online radio station but it also has a physical, self-funded space – Monster Valley Studio on Auckland's Dominion Road which is open to the public as an art gallery. Sonia Sly speaks to Karl Sheridan and creative collaborator Robin Gee about the benefits of cross collaboration and the digital age.

Monster Valley Studios image courtesy of Karl Sheridan
Monster Valley Studios. Image courtesy of Karl Sheridan.

3:05 The Drama Hour

The radio adaptation of Lauren Jackson's award-winning play about the trials and tribulations of four young Kiwis overseas exchange students.