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George Skelton and Peter Flower12:45 Allen Adair

A theatrical world premiere in Paparoa for its 150th celebrations, with an adaptation of Jane Mander's novel Allen Adair. We talk to the playwright, George Skelton (right) and to the director, Peter Flower (far right) about this landmark production for the Otamatea Repertory Theatre, and for the region.

12:50 An insight into what it takes to programme an arts festival…

Weeks on the road in foreign countries, out seeing shows every night including the Edinburgh Fringe... But it's pleasure and business for New Zealand International Art Festival director, Shelagh Magadza who's just back from two months touring looking for shows for the next festival.

1:10 At The Movies

Many local cinemas are giving room to the opposition - straight coverage of live theatre on the big screen - like The Globe's Much Ado About Nothing...

1:31 Expat Kiwi dancer and choreographer Cameron McMillan

Cameron McMillan had a blistering start to his career dancing for the New Zealand and English Ballet companies, and legendary contemporary dance company Rambert. These days as a freelancer, he's not only in demand by contemporary dance companies, but also works in film and fashion. The Arts Foundation has picked Cameron as a 2012 New Generation Award winner.

1:41 Electric Wire Hustle

Band members of Electric Wire Hustle talk about making music with their biggest fans – their parents. We're joined by Mara TK who's the son of Billy TK, and father and son percussionists Myele and Sam Manzanza, who talk about their family concert that will premiere at the Nelson Arts Festival.

EWHF Le Nuong Taay Ninh Myele Manzanza Sam Manzanza Billy TK Mara TK
Electric Wire Hustle Family: Le Nuong, Taay Ninh, Myele Manzanza, Sam Manzanza, Billy T and Mara TK.

1:55 Kitchen at the End of the World

Award-winning German stop motion animator and puppeteer has brought together the Greytown Arts Festival programme and chipped in a production of his own. Steffen Kreft's play the Kitchen at the End of the World is described as a work of avante-garde puppetry.

Kitchen at the End of The World

2:05 The Laugh Track

Members of the Auckland improv troupe The ConArtists which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Laugh Track
Penny Ashton and Robert Mingnault.

2:26 The opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair

Writers Geoff Cochrane, Kerry Donovan Brown, Sally Ann Spencer, Ross Woods, Desiree Gezentsvey, Marco Sonzogni, Charlotte Simmonds, Annabel Hawkins and Emma Barnes read prose, poems and translations to an enthusiastic audience. Author Pip Adams – the recent Arts Foundation New Generation Award winner – hosted the event.

A Cry from the Dawn Pavilion was celebrating the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair and was part of the on-going Temporary Literaturhaus - a project of the Goethe-Institut New Zealand, the New Zealand Book Council and the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation, with the support of Creative New Zealand.

SELLING THE DREAM cover ppi2:35 Selling the Dream

The art of early tourism and its place in this country's art history. You'll hear from two of the contributors to this substantial book, art historian Warren Feeney and editor Peter Alsop. Selling the Dream (pictured right) is a Craig Potton publication.

2:45 Piera McArthur

Octogenarian artist Piera McArthur imagines the trials and tribulations facing Bishop Pompallier, the flamboyant founder of the Catholic church in New Zealand.

Gallery: Work by Piera McArthur

Piera McArthur
Piera McArthur.

2:53 Third Person - Tense!

Actor Stephen Papps on creating a two person solo show. He and Lizzie Tollmache talk about the existentialist black comedy Third Person - Tense! which is about to premiere at Auckland's Basement Studio.

Stephen Papps
Stephen Papps in Third Person - Tense!

3:05 The Drama Hour

Episode 2 of the BBC production of The Mumbai Chuzzlewits.