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12:43 Public art installations on in Christchurch

We find out about a couple of the most intriguing public art installations on in Christchurch. Dr Jessica Halliday discusses COCA gallery's window space project and Riki Manuel describes his art installations made from the ruins of earthquake hit buildings.

Gallery: COCA gallery's window space project

Ed Lust Screensaver
Ed Lust, Screensaver, moving image installation, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch, April-May 2012, photo: Ed Lust

Amitai Pati PHOTO Matt Grace12:48 The winner of the career-making Lexus Song Quest Amitai Pati (right)

Photo by Matt Grace.

1:10 At The Movies

Total Recall, Hope Springs and Simon Morris talks to Richard Green about the new multi-director film 50 Kisses.

Photo K Craig1:31 Expat Kiwi ballet star Kase Craig

Kase Craig (left) talks about dancing with a Bordeaux-based professional French company. He now dances in many of the most gorgeous performance venues in Europe.

1:39 The Evolution of Samoan Tattoo

Beauty has a cost, and in this case it’s incredibly painful. For two weeks the art of Samoan traditional and contemporary tattoo is being performed live at the Wellington City Gallery for all to see as part of an exhibition 'Sui faiga ae tumau fa’avae'. For the gallery it’s all about acknowledging the living art form as part of New Zealand’s Pacific art history, and recognising the evolution of the traditional as it moves into  the contemporary, where the urban environment and hip-hop culture plays a part in young tattoo artists making sense of their Samoan heritage. Sonia Sly meets the artists from Taupoutatau studio who have been invited to take part in the exhibition and the Samoa-based master tattooist Su’a Paul Junior Sulu’ape whose skills are sought by those from near and far.

Tattoo artist Tuingamala Andy Tauafiafi has a background in fine arts contemporary dance and fashion design which eventually culminated in a career in tattooing
Left: Graffitti artist, MC and tattoo artist Juice One. Right: Tattoo artist Tuingamala Andy Tauafiafi with Angela Meyer-Blacksmith of the CIty Gallery. Andy Tauafiafi has a background in fine arts, contemporary dance and fashion design which eventually culminated in a career in tattooing.

The art of traditional Samoan tattoo tatau in action performed by Master Paul Junior Sulu ape image Tala Suailua
The art of traditional Samoan tattoo tatau in action performed by Master Paul Junior Sulu'ape. Photo by Tala Suailua.

1:53 Dog Park

Another post-quake Christchurch art initiative, Dog Park. It's a new Waltham-based gallery presenting challenging works by both local and international artists.

Dog Park pic
Artists Dave Marshall and Ella Sutherland have blended into Waltham through creating a project where you can drive your car in and choose an original car sticker for the side of your ride. Photo by Stacey Weaver.

2:05 The Laugh Track - Tom Trevella

Lyttleton's The Loons Company, who may have lost their premises in the earthquakes but not their sense of humour.

Tom's picks are The Young Ones - University Challenge; John Cooper Clarke; Ivor Cutler; and Benny Hill.

2:26 Virtuosi

Filmmaker Sue Healey has interviewed a selection of top New Zealand dancers who're now based overseas, for her documentary Virtuosi. It will premier at the upcoming Christchurch Body Festival.

Night s Glass Table2:35 Chapter & Verse

Riemke Ensing, who's one of the contenders for the Lauris Edmond poetry prize being announced on Sunday at the Christchurch Writers Festival; and Christchurch poet Karen Zelas, whose first collection, Night's Glass Table, won an Australian Publishing Prize.

2:45 Oliver Sewell

The Godley Scholar in ChristChurch Cathedral Choir talks about life for the choir without their much loved Cathedral and their preparations for the upcoming festival of cathedral choirs.

Left: Oliver Sewell. Right: ChristChurch Cathedral Choir.

3:05 The Drama Hour

We begin a season of classic repeats - a range of major dramas from Kiwi writers. The first off the rank is from Matthew Saville - Kikia Te Poa set in the Boer war and exploring the notion of identity and belonging.