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12:40 Curator and artist Susan Wilson

Susan Wilson, who's become an authority on the works of British painter Lucian Freud.

D Day weather forecaster
Susan Wilson's painting of  D-Day weather forecaster, Dr Lawrence Hogben DSC Bronze Star (USA)

12:50 Christchurch Art Gallery update

With earthquake damage worse than first, gallery staff are thinking laterally, and this weekend sees the beginning of the Rolling Maul Exhibition. Director Jenny Harper gives us an update.

1:00 At The Movies

Young Dev Patel acquits himself well against seven of Britain's top actors in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

1:30 Auckland visual arts critic, T J McNamara

The life and times of the arts critic who's been reviewing for The Herald for 46 years.

1:40 Devised theatre

Devised theatre has a long-standing tradition in Europe and in layman’s terms it’s a way of telling stories in the theatre without the confines of working with an established script. Sonia Sly meets with Christian Penny, director of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School; Tom McCrory, senior movement tutor (Toi Whakaari )and cofounder of Pacific Island theatre Company The Conch; and Bert Van Dijk, author of Devised Theatre: a practical guide to the devising process, to discuss the importance of devising, the problems of creation, and the need for surprise and accessibility within the theatre.

Devised Theatre
From left: Bert Van Dijk, Christian Penny, Tom McCrory at work, and the cover of Bert Van Dijk's book Devised Theatre.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Scott Blanks previews some of the Comedy Festival's headliners.

Comedy pic
Clockwise from top: Janey Godley, Milton Jones, Stuart Taylor, Scott Blanks, Dead Cat Bounce and Craig Campbell.

2:30 Operatunity

The country's busiest touring company has helped many aspiring young singers to find an audience and a singing career and it's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

ope of us
From left: Operatunity's Geoffrey Hughes, Susan Boland and John Cameron.

2:40 Penguin Book Reviewer's Club

We find out about a pilot programme a publisher is trialling in Auckland, trying to encourage young people to review the books they read.


Rachel Blau DuPlessis2:50 Drafts

Visiting North American poet Rachel Blau DuPlessis (right) who's on the verge of completing an epic poem she's been writing since 1986.

3:00 Listener's Pick

A movie adapted for the big screen by a playwright who adapted it from an LP Hartley novel - The Go-Between.

3:10 Henry the Sixth as a Balkan war trilogy

A short item from the BBC about the most controversial entry into the Shakespeare Festival Globe to Globe.

3.20 The Sunday Drama: Wrecks by Damien Wilkins

An Italian immigrant family's beliefs take a beating when their boat is wrecked in a storm.