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12:40 Getting your movie made by going directly to the audience

We look at the phenomenon of "crowd funding".

The Age of Stupid produced by New Zealander Lizzie Gillet

Fracking Whatatutu by filmmaker Sumner Burstyn

LesterMcGrath v12:50 Auckland Theatre Company

A campaign's been launched in the Auckland Theatre Company's last ditch effort to secure the money it for its own home on the waterfront… but is time running out for the project with Council support apparantly waning.

Right: ATC general manager Lester McGrath.

Night render
An artists impression of the proposed theatre.

1:00 At The Movies

The controversial new British film Shame, starring the brilliant Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan.

1:30 Listener's Pick

John Harrison choosese a classic sci-fi movie from the 1950s - The Forbidden Planet.

Bronwyn Holloway Smith1:45 The thorny issue of copyright

Will tightening the infringement laws ultimately help or hinder artists? Artist Bronwyn Holloway-Smith (right) is in no doubt it will be a hinderance. To get people thinking, she's producing and selling 3D miniature copies of other artists sculptures.

After Paul Maseyk s Portrait of the artist on a young horse Bronwyn Holloway Smith
After Paul Maseyk’s "Portrait of the artist on a young horse", Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, 2012)

1:50 From Degas to Dali

We meet Dr Simon Groom, who's accompanied priceless artworks on loan to New Zealand from Scotland's galleries.

Gallery: From Degas to Dali

From Degas to Dali
Artworks on loan to New Zealand from National Galleries Scotland.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Dunedin actor, director and drama teacher, Patrick Davies. Patrick’s picks include Monty Python - Silly noises; Rich Hall - Tom Cruise; Ad/Funny Or Die Parody -  marriage commercial; Tom Lehrer - Vatican Rag.

2:25 Productive Bodies

Productive Bodies is the name of a new performance art work by director Mark Harvey who's exploring the notion that unemployed bodies are just as productive as employed ones.

2:35 Chapter & Verse

Aleksandra Lane moved to New Zealand from war-torn Serbia as a teenager in the mid 1990s. Her poetry talks about her life there, the realities of war on communities, and adjusting to life in a new and very different country.

aleksandra lane photo credit robert catto
Aleksandra Lane. Photograph by Robert Catto.

2:45 NYC

Raewyn White's along to review the first ballet chosen for the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company by its new high profile artistic director, Ethan Steifel.

Gillian Murphy Paul Mathews in Who Cares CREDIT Evan Li
Gillian Murphy Paul Mathews in Who Cares. Photograph by Evan Li.

2:50 Summer Shakespeare

Playwright Dr Angie Farrow whose theatre and radio plays have been a hit here and overseas, on the 10th anniversary of Palmerston North's Summer Shakespeare which she set up and has continued to champion.

3:00 The Sunday Drama

A period whoddunit set in nineteenth century Wellington - The Terror at Tinakore Road, by Neil Giles.