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Book Tracks12:40 Book Tracks

Book Track have created the software to enable soundtracks to be synchronised with your favourite books. But does it detract from the joy of reading and using your own imagination? Sonia Sly meets with Stephen Gallagher and John Neill to discuss the process of creating a sound design and music composition for The Power of Six.

Left: composer Stephen Gallagher and right: head of sound at Park Road Post John Neill.

12:50 Downstage Theatres' postponement and cancellation of shows from mid-October through to December this year

The announcement rocked Wellington's theatre community, but there are assurances that closing down for a while does not signal the end of the road for Downstage.

Courtney place at dusk Downstage is on the corner on the right
Courtney place at dusk. Downstage is on the corner on the right.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

The big hit in Ameica at the moment. The Help is a sentimental look at segregationist Mississippi during the 1960s.

Vicki J1:30 Park Road Post is about to set up an office in the heart of the beast

Vicki Jackways (right), head of marketing at the post production company, talks about relocating to Hollywood.

1:40 Action Actors

A new employment agency specifically for actors who find themselves between jobs.

Larinae Steward1:50 A Fragile World

Whanganui's love affair with glass making continues with an entire festival dedicated to this most temperamental of materials.

Left: A glass briefcase by Larinae Steward.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Actor and writer Dan Cleary, author of The Cup which takes a satirical look at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

2:20 The Holy Roller

A New Zealand film that's gained quite a bit of publicity - not so much for its subject matter, TV evangelists, as for where and when it was shot. Simon Morris talks the co-writer, producer, director and editor, Patrick Gillies.

2:30 I loved you the moment I saw you

Photographer Peter Black, pounded Wellington's city streets for his latest book of images that range from tender to tragic, including many of Wellington's street people.

Gallery: photographs from the book I loved you the moment I saw you

I Loved You The Moment I Saw You

2:40 On-line publishing

Penelope Todd (right) of Rosa Mira: exceptional ebooks explains how publishing books on-line has big advantages for the writer and reader.

2:50 Choreographer Malia Johnstone

Malia Johnstone is WoW's choreographer and artistic director but she also creates dance on a much smaller scale. She's part of Footnote Dance Company's Made in New Zealand show that's about to go on tour.


body fight time

3:00 Ann Hunt reviews the latest touring show from dance company, Black Grace

Black Grace
Verse 2.

3:10 The Sunday Drama

Kik ia Te Poa, written by Matthew Saville, is a story of rugby during the Boer War in South Africa.