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The Arts on Sunday began life as What’s Going On, debuting live right after Checkpoint on Monday 5th June 2001. With daily updates of all things happening in the arts world, it soon became a listener favourite for the long drive home. In September 2003, the What’s Going On timeslot changed to 4.30pm during Wayne Mowat’s In Touch with New Zealand show.

When National Radio began broadcasting on FM in 2004, What’s Going On was a crowd-puller when hosts Simon Morris and Lynn Freeman presented live shows from many provincial towns, promoting the new FM frequencies. In September 2005, the show morphed into The Arts on Sunday and the once-a-week longer format on Sunday afternoons.

This week, Lynn and Simon celebrate a whopping ten years bringing you their favourite moments and some blasts from the past, including highlights, cringe-worthy stings, and engaging stories from the fun and fascinating reporters who put themselves on the line, all in the name of entertainment.

12:40 2001

Camilla Maling went to see the restoration of Wellington's Embassy Theatre in time for the premiere of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

12:50 2004

Natasha Utting goes on the road with the Nairobi Trio.

1:10 At The Movies

1:35 2005

Tarek Basley visited one of New Zealand's most prestigious art collections - in Gore, Southland.

1:45 2005

Emily Johansson did the seemingly impossible - an item about a yo-yo king on the radio!

1:50 2005

Sam Wicks, who definitely didn't need one, visited an opera wig-maker - and encouraged a top Kiwi rapper to give What's Going On some serieous rhymes

2:05 2009

Chris Cessford dresses up in the full nun-gear to go to a Sound Of Music singalong screening.

2:25 2007

Justin Gregory searched for his hidden inner tenor and joined Opera Scool

2:35 2009

Lucy Orbell goes to the Royal New Zealand Ballet - to pick up some nice frocks

2:50 2010

Sonia Sly discovers her inner swinger - swing dancing, that is.