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12:40 New Zealand at the Venice Biennale

We assess New Zealand's contribution to the Venice Biennale, now the dust has settled and critics are starting to write up their impressions. Reviewer Josie McNaught tries to start a debate now on New Zealand's future involvement in the world's biggest visuals arts event and Jenny Gibbs explains why more patrons than ever lent their support to this year's New Zealand contribution by Michael Parakowhai.

See images of Michael Parakowhai's exhibition, On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer.

Visit the exhibition with some Kiwis in Venice:

1:00 At The Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris visits the alternative 1960s in X-Men: First Class. He also checks out two American art-films, Barney's Version and Lovely Still, and surprises himself at New Zealand documentary Operation 8.

1:30 Vaeggen - The Wall

How New Zealand company the Gibson Group scooped an international award for a wall of giant interactive screens they created to help the Copenhagen museum take its collection to the people.

See images of The Wall.

1:38 The Michael Hill International Violin Competition

The competition has its glittering finale this weekend - we find out who won it and why.

Listen to performances from the competition.

1:45 The Arts and e-Learning

Improvisation, vocal warm-ups, reading and writing scripts - just some of the skills one would expect to learn in a drama class. But developing a video game? This is part of a concept which teaches drama and voice by using e-Learning.

Drama specialist Delia Baskerville and dance teacher Jan Bolwell chat to Sonia Sly about the value of exposing students to the arts and an alternative approach to bringing specialist knowledge into the classroom.

Madeleine Sami2:00 The Laugh Track

Actress Madelaine Sami (right).

2:20 Pioneer City

An art project that will offer people the chance to buy property on Mars and be part of a human colony there - creator Bronwyn Holloway-Smith explains.

2:30 An all-Christchurch Chapter & Verse

Canterbury novelist Joanna Orwin has a new, futurist story of a New Zealand changed by cataclysmic volcanoes and tsunami, Sacrifice. And we hear about some of the stories in a post-earthquake Christchurch anthology, Tales for Canterbury.

Sacrifce and Tales for Canterbury

Meet the Churchill2:50 Meet the Churchills

Winston Churchill is one of the most written about historical figures, so what new will we learn in a new play penned by the principal of Waitaki Boys High, Paul Baker?

3:00 Artist Michael Tuffery remembers the late artist, curator and mentor Jim Viveaere

Jim Vivieaere by Ema Tavola
Jim Vivieaere.  Photograph by Ema Tavola.

3:15 The Sunday Drama

A new three-part drama by John Dryden - Severed Threads, in which several stories - set in several continents - entwine into a compelling thriller.