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12:40 Four New Zealand composers

Lyell Cresswell, Ross Harris, Anthony Ritchie and Chris Gendall, are about to premiere new works with the NZSO, we chat to all of them about what we can expect.

Four Composers.
From left: Lyell Cresswell, Ross Harris, Anthony Ritchie and Chris Gendall.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Two independent New Zealand film-makers talk about the good and bad sides of public funding.

1:30 The Dowse Celebrates 40 years

In its history The Dowse Art Museum has seen periods of change and experienced its fair share of controversy, all of which has helped to shape the state of contemporary art in New Zealand as we know it today.

See images from the gallery's collection.

Dowse Art Gallery, c1971.
The Dowse Art Gallery, c1971.

1:45 Pacific Sisters

Pacific Sisters was an art collective that played a big part in the Pacific renaissance of the 1990s, we reunite three of the original members - Feeona Wall, Rosanna Raymond and Ani O'Neill.

Pacific Sisters.
Samoa, 1996.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Visiting Canadian comedian Pete Johansson (below) talks about the comedy scene in Canada, home to one of the world's top comedy festivals.

Pete Johansson.

2:20 An artist visits the White House

We're in the White House, where expat architectural artist Peter Waddell is exhibiting years worth of work re-imagining how the rooms were redecorated over the building's first 100 years.

See Peter Waddell's paintings of the White House.

Visit the White House Historical Associate interactive gallery.

The Splendid Mrs. Madison.
Peter Waddell, The Splendid Mrs. Madison , oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″, © White House Historical Association.

2:30 Actor John Rhys Davies

John Rhys Davies on how the Lord of the Rings, in which he played the dwarf Gimli, has changed the industry and why he wants to make a film about his good mate Precious McKenzie.

2:40 Chapter and Verse

Dinah Hawken is our featured writer. Her new collection is called The Leaf Ride, it's published by Victoria University Press.

The Leaf Ride by Dinah Hawkins.

2:50 Looking for Lowry

It's almost a cliché - the genius painter who was unrecognised during his lifetime and is now worth millions. But a new television documentary casts a light on English painter L S Lowry, who had rather a different problem.

Foxtrot films.

3:00 A History of the World in a Hundred Objects (BBC)