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toi iho12:40 toi iho

The Maori trademark for art and crafts, toi iho, was abandoned by Creative New Zealand. Elizabeth Ellis pushed for toi iho to be established - now she's chairing the Maori foundation which is taking it over.

Annie Ruth12:50 40 years of Toi Whakaari

A look at the 40 years of Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School, with Annie Ruth (right) - the current director who was one of the first graduates.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

An interview with researcher Marian Evans who comes up with some unsettling figures about our film industry.

1:30 Lucy discovers a touring theatre show bringing together New Zealand contemporary plays and secondary school students

El Jay1:40 Looking Terrific

We revisit the Auckland fashion house of El Jay, which helped New Zealanders look stylish for around 50 years. Doris do Pont went in search of El Jay garments still in wardrobes around the country.

See a gallery of El Jay garments.

1:55 Up North

Richard Mays reviews a new play from Pip Hall, Up North, which had its world premiere in Palmerston North.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Our guest is Jeremy Corbett, host of the popular TV comedy series Seven Days.

2:20 Otago Settlers Museum

We catch up with the big changes at the Otago Settlers Museum and its multi-million dollar redevelopment.

Sonnets Unplugged2:30 Sonnets Unplugged

Shakespeare's sonnets are revisited by actor Rima te Wiata and composer Gareth Farr.

2:40 Chapter and Verse

Poet Anna Livesy (below left) on her first published collection since 2003 when she won a fellowship to study at the Iowa Writers Workshop in the American Midwest.

The Moonmen

2:50 Sightlines

The hour ends with choreographer Suzanne Cowan talking about her latest project, working with people who can't, or struggle, to see.

3:00 The Sunday Drama

In a change to our advertised Sunday Drama at 3, we are playing one of the many radio dramas which starred the Dame Pat Evison, who died last weekend. This one is All Packed Up by Angie Farrow and it replaces The Great Queen's Birthday Shemozzle.