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12:40 Harlem Gospel Choir

The founder of the Harlem Gospel Choir, Allen Bailey talks about its links with the church and Michael Jackson.

Harlem Gospel Choir

12:50 Public Art

Sculptor Sam Mahon on why he believes the public should have a say in public artworks which are commissioned with their money.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Two movies from stars in need of a hit - Bruce Willis in Cop Out and Ethan Hawke in Daybreakers, and another European film about World War II - from the Netherlands, Winter in Wartime.

1:30 Lucy Orbell looks at creative migration, when artists leave one city for another

1:40 Unnerved

The gallery with the largest collection of New Zealand art outside of this country is in Brisbane - who'd have thought? They're about to showcase their Kiwi work in an exhibition called Unnerved.

See images from the exhibition.

Michael Parekowhai, Installation view, 'Unnerved: The New Zealand Project', Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane 2010. Courtesy: The artist and Michael Lett, Auckland. Photograph: Natasha Harth

1:50 Head 2 Head

Then the two portrait artists showing at the National Portrait Gallery, Martin Ball and Mary McIntyre, go head to head.

Jason Cook2:00 The Laugh Track

Geordie stand up Jason Cook (right), one of the international acts in the Comedy Festival Programme this year.

2:20 The Golden Girls

A photographic exhibition that hits the road in search of a pair of blonde bombshell truck driver.

Trucks Only Kendra Zoe Mcintosh from Golden Girls
Zoe McIntosh and Kendra McCarthy's photo from Golden Girls,their joint exhibition on a Wellington's Photospace.

Gaylene 2:30 Chapter and Verse

Dunedin poet and integral part of the city's underground music scene in the '80s and '90s, Gaylene (right), on gifting her papers to the Hocken Library, and a book documenting Samoan tattooing in photographs, Mark Adams talks about his 30-year project.

See images from Tatau: Samoan Tattoo Art

An image from Tatau: Samoan Tattoo Art by Nicholas Thomas, Mark Adams and Sean Mallon

2:50 Don Binney on his drawings of one of his favourite parts of the country, the Waitakere Coast

3:00 Mika is here to review a new Auckland production of the musical RENT

The Cast of RENT

3:10 The Sunday Drama

Kikia Te Poa. It's a battle of wits and rugby between a Kiwi and a South African soldier in the Boer War.