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Martyn Sanderson18 October 2009

12:40 Martyn Sanderson

A tribute to actor/director/writer Martyn Sanderson (right) with his friends and colleagues Ken Blackburn and Peter Vere-Jones.

12.50 Live at Six

Sean Plunket reviews Live at Six, a satire about rival TV newsrooms, on at Bats theatre in Wellington.

Live at Six

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon devotes most of the show to the English film An Education, written by Nick Hornby, and has an extended interview with one of its stars, Alfred Molina.

1:30 Fried Bread and Golden Syrup

An exhibition by Rina and Tai Kerekere, at Iwi Gallery in Wellington.

ButterflyTic Tac Tatou

MiloGolden Syrup

Images from Fried Bread and Golden Syrup

1:40 Novemberkinder

Simon Morris delves into the programme for the first New Zealand German Film Festival

1:50 Jacques Brel & Chocolat

We meet Belgian chanteuse Micheline van Hautem, who'll star at both the Tauranga and Nelson Arts Festivals.

2:00 Stand Up and Be Counted

The first episode of a brand-new New Zealand comedy series in which three comedians match wits in front of a live audience.

2.30 Mother India: Transactions in the Construction of Pain

Indian artist Nalini Malani, who's exhibiting at the Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth, talks to Lucy Orbell about gender, religion and politics.

Mother India

2:40 Chapter and Verse

Ian Wedde looks at why poetry matters and Michelle Holman on her new book Knotted.

Ian Wedde and Michelle Holman

3pm The Sunday Drama

Continuing the BBC African series - from Kenya Confession, and from Nigeria Naija Bride.