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27 September 2009

12:40 Wellington's City Gallery's reopening

Simon Morris talks to Paula Savage, the director of Wellington's City Gallery which has been closed over the past 11 months for a multi-million dollar upgrade.

12.50 Bromhead

Cartoonist Peter Bromhead whose Retrospective is currently on at Sanderson Contemporary Art in Parnell, talks about his life's work.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris reviews the acclaimed English science fiction film Moon. He also looks at the latest Adam Sandler comedy, Funny People and a documentary about American Vogue magazine, The September Issue.

1:30 GONG Crazy

Lynn Freeman talks to composer Jack Body (below) who is about to retire after 30 years at Victoria University's NZ School of Music.

Jack Body

1:40 Wanganui's Sarjeant Gallery

Lucy Orbell visits Wanganui's Sarjeant Gallery which is holding it's 21st annual Wanganui Review and meets Patrick Cush, who's been exhibiting work in the Review for the last 11 years.

1:50 Harlequin: Servant of Two Masters

Lynn Freeman spoke to company member Stefano Guizzi about Italy's commedia dell'arte, still very much alive after 500 years.


2:00 The Laugh Track

This afternoon it's the turn of Maori TV's Native Affairs host Julian Wilcox.

2:30 Chapter and Verse

The talents of poet Geoff Cochrane (below) and Book Council Chief Executive, Noel Murphy.

Geoff Cochrane

2:50 Auckland sculptor Tanya Blong (below) on her move from macracarpa to bronze

Tanya Blong

Sculpture by Tanya Blong

3:00 The Sunday Drama

From the Worldplay series, we present New Zealand's contribution, Watermark by Olwynne Macrae.