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7 June 2009

Sideshow12:40 Behind the Scenes

An art exhibition by many of the creatives who work 'behind the scenes' on Wellywood films. Sideshow opens this week at Thistle Hall in Wellington.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

State of Play pits Russell Crowe against Dame Helen Mirren …

A water sculpture from Chris Booth1:30 Water sculpture

We cross to Kerikeri ahead of the unveiling of the township's newest public artwork, a water sculpture from Chris Booth (in construction, left).

1:40 One of the guest judges of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition, Shmuel Ashkenasi

Shmuel Ashkenasi talks about what he's looking for in this year's winner, and why winning competitions like this one can come at an unexpected cost.

1:50 Moana Nepia

Choreographer, visual artist and curator Moana Nepia on his exhibition, Ka Mau te Wehi, which invites people to talk about Maori dance, past and present. The exhibition is currently showing at AUT's St Paul Street gallery.

Ka Mau te Wehi - Conversations in Maori DanceKa Mau te Wehi - Conversations in Maori Dance


Ka Mau te Wehi - Conversations in Maori DanceKa Mau te Wehi - Conversations in Maori Dance


2:00 The Laugh Track

Billy T James award winning comedian for 2009, Chris Brain (below).

Chris Brain

Vicky Thomas2:20 Photographer Vicky Thomas

Vicky Thomas is a photographer who turns the lens on her own Maori and Pakeha heritage, wrapping her face in souvenir Maori headbands for one of her self-portraits on show as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography.


Apirana TaylorVoyagers2:30 Chapter and Verse

New and old poetry from Apriana Taylor and a selection of science fiction poetry from New Zealand, and there's more of it than you might think.

2:50 Choreographer Ann Dewey

Ann Dewey on why people around the world have been knitting on her behalf.

Ann Dewey

3:00 Fibra Spirare: working together through culture, textile and spirit

Five New Zealand textile artists are showing their work at an exhibition in Sweden, where textile art has a much higher profile than it does here. We find out what two of them are taking there.

3:10 The Strand

The BBC's arts show The Strand marks the anniversary of the 150th birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

3.20 The Sunday Drama

Part one of our Sunday Drama starting at the later time of 3:20 pm.

Yellow Bride is Vincent O'Sullivan's modern version of the Medea myth.