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12:40 Doug Jones

Like Andy Serkis, Doug Jones specialises in putting life into cgi characters through movement. Doug is a guest at this weekend Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in Auckland.

Doug Jones

12:50 Chris Gable

A Dunedin photographer who has snapped and recorded dozens of shop owners over the last two years, and is exhibiting the results of his research at the Otago Settlers Museum.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris reviews a mixed bag - the Coen Brothers' new comedy Burn After Reading… Max Payne, based on a well-known video game… and Rise of the Footsoldier, based on a tell-all gangster autobiography.

1:30 Young at Heart

Simon talks to some of those behind the popular documentary.

1:40 NZ on Screen

A new website with free video clips and documentaries about NZ's rich big and small screen history. It's just been launched at and we talk to one of the people who've brought together this visual treasure trove.

1:50 Ronald Hugh Morrison

Lucy Orbell looks back at the work of, and a festival in his honour today in Hawera.

Below: Ronald Hugh Morrieson's Predictament being read in Hawera's KFC; a live reading of his work will take place at the KFC on Sunday the 26th of October at 3pm.


2:00 The Laugh Track:

Scott Blanks, the man behind Auckland's Classic comedy venue, has been working in the industry for a couple of decades. He shares some of his top comedy picks. Ed Byrne (Ireland), Rich Hall and Demetri Martin (US), Stewart Lee (UK).

2:20 Pao Pao Pao

Pao Pao

Pao Pao Pao celebrates contemporary Maori Music, and the series of talks and workshops culminates in a concert at the Wellington Town Hall on 31 October. We talk to one of the stars of that concert, Ariana Tikao.

2:30 Writer's Block:

David McGill (below left)has more than 20 books to his credit, his latest is a novel set on the West Coast in the 1860s - The Mock Funeral(below middle), based on real events. And we meet two of the graduating fiction writers from Auckland University who appear in the short story collection, Spectrum 5.


2.50: The Blue Room

The Blue Room is the name of a book about a house where clairvoyants once met - 13 artists have used this as the basis for a group show at the Blue Oyster Gallery in Dunedin. You'll hear from three of them who've all gone in very different directions.

Below - Left to right: Pippa Sanderson's Quest I, Quest II and a scene from Stuart Shepherd's work The Other Side.

Pippa Sanderson's Quest I, Quest II and a scene from Stuart work The Other Side.

Below: Rebecca.Pilcher's, The Easy Chair.

3:00 Radio Drama: The Good Seed on the Land by Stephen George Walker

A comic saga of how the multinational Four King Agricuture Corporation provoked the God-of-the-Land.