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Drinking Games.12:40 Drinking Games

We have a drink with the four cast of Damien Wilkins' new play, Drinking Games, which is about to open at Wellington's Circa Theatre.

Right: Promotional art from the show.

12:50 Real Photos

A collective of Canterbury photographers have gone back to the basics to produce a magazine of photos that are authentic, not photoshopped, manipulated and perfected.
Pictured below: Glass Jumper by Trevor White.

Glass Jumper by Trevor White

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris talks with the star of the Oscar-winning film, The Counterfeiters, about the new wave of films about World War Two from Germany and Austria. He also looks at another war film - the French Un Secret, and The King of Kong - a documentary about the video game Donkey Kong.

1:30 DANZ

The country's dance institution, has launched its strategy for the industry - what does it say, what does it mean and what do people in the industry make of it?

1:45 WOW

Lucy Orbell meets some of the WOW Uwe Grodddesigners entered in this year's competition

1:55 Jenufa

Uwe Grodd (pictured right) reviews Jenufa, the new production from NBR New Zealand opera.

2:00 The Laugh Track:

TV producer Rachel Laing presents her top comedy tracks and talks about backing winning comedy shows on TV.

2:20 Sculpture

Sculptor Virginia King talks about public reaction to her 'unconventional' memorial to the former Prime Minister, David Lange.

Virginia King.

2:30 Writer's Block:

Denis Wright's first novel is called Violence 101, a story of a young man who justifies his violent acts while trying to find his place in this world. Gillian Ranstead's second novel, Girlie, is a mini-epic spanning several generations, New Zealand, Washington DC and the Scottish Highlands. Both books are published by Penguin.

Pictured Below from Left: Denis Wright, Violence 101, Girlie, Gillian Ranstead.

Denis Wright, Violence 101, Girlie, Gillian Ranstead.

2:50: Nina Cook

Portrait painter from Christchurch talks about her uneasy portraits.

Below: Nina Cook Paintings - Consumerism (left), Marcus(right).

Consumerism and Marcus by Nina Cook.

3:00 Radio Drama: Cairo Trilogy

The third and final part.