1:15 Weather update in Coromandel and Tairawhiti regions

We'll be updating the situations in Coromandel and Tairāwhiti regions where significant rain fall is forecast as a result of cyclone Gabrielle. We'll also check in with Northland where Whangarei residents are being urged to make themselves safe before the high tide at 2pm today. We'll also be taking a live update on Auckland from their Civil Defence team at 2pm.

Flooding in Whangarei

Flooding in Whangarei Photo: RNZ

1.25 Send our Socks campaign 

10,000 pairs of New Zealand strong-wool socks may soon make their way to Ukraine in time winter.

Wellingtonian Chris Childerhouse is hoping you can help. 

Send socks to Ukraine campaign - Chris Childerhouse is pictured wearing some socks

Photo: Supplied / Chris Childerhouse

1.35 Beware of ongoing cryptocurrency scams 

Last week cryptocurrency enthusiasts were warned of a potential Ponzi scheme arriving on our shores to recruit new victims.

A cryptocurrency company called WeWe Global held a conference in Christchurch on Thursday night, despite warning from the Financial Markets Authority. 

Another person who coined onto the scam and tried to warn people in advance was Danny de Hek. 

Danny is a prominent YouTuber and podcaster who was deemed a "Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger" by the New York Times. He talks to Jesse about the scams and what people should be wary of. 

Danny de Hek

Photo: Supplied / Screenshot YouTube

1:45 Feature album 

2:10 Television Critic: Claire Chitham 

Today Claire talks to Jesse about Poker Face on TVNZ and 1923 on Prime TV. 

2:20  Australian Correspondent Brad Foster 

Brad Foster reports on the rollout of the fifth COVID vaccine in Australia and the anticipated slow uptake from Aussies, almost 1000 Chinese made security cameras to be removed from government buildings, and Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling shooting his new film in Sydney.

Three CCTV security cameras on a pole on the street.

Photo: 123RF

2:30 Expert feature: Tattooing 

Today's expert feature is all about tattoos. 

Zoe Emily of Shadow Gallery Tattoo in Greytown joins Jesse to talk about the finer points of getting a tattoo. 

It will be a general, broad picture look into tattoos, rather than the history or cultural tattoos like Tā Moko.

Zoe will cover the appointment expectations, planning, colour, placement, pain and what happens if someone changes their mind mid-inking!

Zoe Emily, tattooing

Photo: Zoe Emily

3:10 Turning heart ache into laughter 

As a writer on the sitcom Schitt's Creek about a wealthy family who lost all their money and live in a motel, Monica Heisey knows  how to mine misfortune for comedy gold.  She excavates her own heartbreak with humor for her first novel. It's about a woman in her 20's going through a divorce and does a very millennial thing by leaning on Google to her understand the ridiculousness of being 28 with no coping skills for such upheaval. The novel is called  Really Good, Actually.  

Really Good Actually book cover

Really Good Actually book cover Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

On Voices, Kadambari Raghukumar talks to Gaia Dell'Arriccia about seabirds, her life in the Mediterranean as a scientist compared to her adopted Pacific home. 

3:45 The Panel with Heather Roy and David Slack