1:15 Substantial foreshore damage done at Lake Taupo following recent earthquake

The 5.6 Lake Taupō earthquake on November 30th, lead to a small tsunami on the lake and a fair amount of foreshore damage.

The tsunami swept two boats onto rocks, and a 30 metre section of Four Mile Bay dropped into the water.

The investigation is ongoing, and to explain it further GNS Senior Volcanologist Geoff Kilgour joins Jesse.

Map showing locations of aftershocks at Lake Taupō. Aftershocks continued on Friday after the 5.6 quake at 11.47pm on 30 November.

Aftershocks continued on Friday after the 5.6 quake at 11.47pm on 30 November. Photo: Geonet

1:25 Sunflowers for Starship

Most people are hoping the sun comes out over the next few weeks, but Levi Brinsdon-Hall is hoping for a wet December.

It's not because he's the grinch, it's because he wants the 20,000 sunflowers he's planting for Starship kids to germinate and flourish.

Levi talks to Jesse.

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1:35 Iliza Shlesinger on her upcoming Aotearoa tour

Early 2023 sees the arrival of American comedian Iliza Shlesinger.

She's in Aotearoa in February with her Back in Action Tour!  

You may already know her from her shows on Netflix or when she's starred in major films.

She talks to Jesse about her career in comedy and why she's chosen to make the trip down under.

Iliza Schlesinger

Iliza Schlesinger Photo: supplied

1:45 Relationships with Hannah Korrel

Today Hannah talks to Jesse about why December is the month of break ups!

Social media analysis shows that more relationships end during the festive month than any other during the year.

Hannah's a relationship expert and shares her thoughts on why it's the end of the road for relationships at the end of the year!

Man in solitude feeling bad during christmas day

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2:10 Book Critic: Claire Mabey

Today Claire talks to Jesse about Ruby Tui's memoir, Tauhou by Kotuku Titihuia Nuttal and Lucy by the Sea by Elizabeth Strout.

2:20 Music feature: Road trip playlist by RNZ hosts

Its time for the Tuesday Music Feature…and it's very timely, given many of us will soon be taking a summer break.

However, picking whose in control of the car stereo on those long road trips can be a bit of a nightmare.

So, to save you a road trip drama we have enlisted our very own Sticky to compile a summer road playlist to please everyone, also featuring a few well know names making appearances.

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3:10 Feature interview: Nick Firchau

Parenting is a skill we all learn as we go along. And 5 years ago, Nick Firchau felt like he had no where to go to hear other men talking about their experiences as dads. So he started a podcast called Paternal about the brotherhood of fatherhood.  It’s not a place to get the top ten tips for changing  nappies, but it is a place where men can be honest about their feelings and fears about doing a good job.

Paternal Podcast

Paternal Podcast Photo: supplied

3:30 Spoken Feature: BBC Witness

It's 1994 and the BBC is looking for a brand-new children's TV series. TV producer Anne Wood decides she's going to make a show aimed at an audience that's never had programmes made for it before - two and three-year-olds. She tells Melanie Stewart-Smith the fascinating story of how spacemen and technology inspired the creation of one of the most popular kids TV shows of all time, Teletubbies.


Teletubbies Photo: bbc.co.uk

3:45 The Panel with James Elliot and Victoria MacLennan