1:15 What's next for the White Ferns following world cup early exit

The White Ferns have failed to make it through to the semi-finals for ICC Women's World Cup Cricket tournament being held here in New Zealand.

Jesse speaks to Newsroom's LockerRoom editor Suzanne McFadden about what is next for the side, which had some brilliant performances despite not making it past the opening round.

The White Ferns have now loss three of their five World Cup games.

The White Ferns have now loss three of their five World Cup games. Photo: Photosport

1.25 Oscars today, Power of the Dog tipped for a few wins

The Oscars are underway while Afternoons is on air today. New Zealand director, Jane Campion, is expected to be bringing home a few gongs as Power of the Dog has an impressive 12 nominations.

We speak to our reviewer Dom Corry, who's also Letterboxd Editor-at-Large about which way he thinks today's award will be going.

Workers carry an Oscar statue on the red carpet near the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, ahead of the 94th Academy Awards.

Photo: AFP

1.30 Aucklanders urged to be on lookout for grounded Cook's Petrels

Aucklanders are being urged to be on the lookout for stranded Cook's Petrels.

Birdcare Aotearoa is a rehabilitation centre for birds and has seen an unusually high number of petrel admissions recently.

Its general manger, Lynn Miller, shares some advice on what to do if you come across a grounded petrel.

A Cook's Petrel.

A Cook's Petrel. Photo: Birdcare Aotearoa

1.40 Online guinea pig show finding the best of the Lower North Island

You've heard of dog shows, but you may never have seen a contest quite so fierce as a guinea pig show.

The Mana Cavy Club judged their Virtual Guinea Pig Pet Show over the weekend, judging the best of Lower North Island.

It's the first time the event has been taken online, with the winning cavies now going on to compete nationally against winners from around the country.

Club president and show secretary Kerryann Miller talks to Jesse about what they look for in their champions!

guinea pig

Photo: Public Domain

1:45 Great NZ Album


2:10 Television Critic: Claire Chitham


2:20  Australian Correspondent Brad Foster 

Sydney based correspondent Brad Foster brings the latest news from across the Tasman.

He's got their latest COVID numbers and what's happening with their restrictions for travel. He also has more on the shock retirement of Australian Open winner, Ash Barty.

Ashleigh Barty of Australia


2:30 Zookeeping with Amy Robbins

It's the job title many of us said we wanted when we grew up... but Amy Robbins made it happen.

Amy is the Deputy Curator of Mammals at Auckland Zoo, and she's today's expert.

She'll be taking us through what it's like to care for Orangutans and will answer all your burning zookeeper questions.

Text your questions for Amy to 2101 or email Jesse@rnz.co.nz.

Amy Robbins with two key members of the Sumatran Ranger Project

Amy Robbins with two key members of the Sumatran Ranger Project Photo: Grace Watson for Auckland Zoo

3:10 COVID anxieties on the rise for teenage girls

All the things that make being a teenager in 2022 hard, may be the things that make being an adult later in life easier. COVID may be creating generation resilience says Rachel Kelly, a mental health advocate who has faced her own struggles with depression and anxiety. She shares her concerns about rising mental health issues for all teens, but especially girls, and what we all can do to help them.

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

In this Voices episode, Kadambari speaks to community advocates and human rights activists about a recent online hui that discussed a critical subject in Aotearoa's ethnic communities - inter-ethnic prejudice.

Naima Ali, community advocate

Naima Ali, community advocate Photo: Kadambari Gladding

3:45 The Panel with Sarah Sparks and Scott Campbell