1:20 Otago University's first Māori female Dean of Medical School

Professor Suzanne Pitama has become the first Māori female Dean of any Otago Medical School.

She has been chosen as Dean and Head of Campus at the University of Otago, Christchurch.

Professor Pitama is the former Director of the Māori Indigenous Health Institute, and is recognised as a leader in addressing Māori health inequities. 

She won the Royal Society of New Zealand's Joan Metge Medal in 2018, and the Prime Minister's Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence in 2015.

Professor Suzanne Pitama

Professor Suzanne Pitama Photo: supplied

1:30 New Zealand Architecture Award winners unveiled

The New Zealand Architecture Awards have been announced just this afternoon 

And amongst the winners is architect Michael O'Sullivan, from Bull O'Sullivan Architecture for the design of a kohanga reo in Ōtautahi, Christchurch. He talks to Jesse about his winning design. 

1:40 Concerns over leaflet drop from fringe group in Auckland

Checked your letterbox lately?

Journalist David Farrier has just written about the latest leaflet drop in Auckland from a fringe disinformation group known as 'Voices of Freedom', which had "something interesting in the top right corner".

David explains this all to Jesse (who also had one of these leaflets dropped into his letterbox!)


Mask Photo: RNZ

1:45 Great album: L.A Woman

To celebrate fifty years since the release of The Doors last album with Jim Morrison as part of the band, a 3-CD/1-LP remastered deluxe edition of L.A Woman will be released tomorrow. We have a copy of that album to give away to today's link 3 winner. 

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Photo: Warner music

2:10 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman

Today Simon reviews new music from Brian Wilson and Demian Dorelli. 

2:25 NZ Screen History: Compass 

For NZ Screen history today  we're throwing back to one of New Zealand's first current affairs programmes, Compass! 

Ian Johnston was a reporter and producer on the show during its lifetime in the early - mid 60s. He talks to Jesse about the ground breaking show. 

3:10 Link 3

3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm 

Today Mary Holm, off the back of,  "Economic Harm day" talks about how this type of harm is said to affect more than half of all NZ women at some time - particularly with dependent children. She also explains it happens at all income levels - including very high incomes and says it might be worse in NZ where we're surprisingly private about their money.

crumpled dollar in his hand, poverty and economic crisis, concept. Hands with cash in a dark key on a black background

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3:35 Spoken Feature BBC Witness

'The Woman in Gold' was one of Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings. It was a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, but it was taken from her family by the Nazis and only returned to them after a long legal battle. Louise Hidalgo has been speaking to Randol Schoenberg the young lawyer who took on the case.

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Photo: bbc.co.uk

3:45 The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Martin Bosley