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1:20 Appetite for insects in New Zealand

A majority of New Zealanders would be happy to try eating an insect, according to a new study from the University of Auckland.

Six hundred and sixty eight people were surveyed, and 60 percent of them said they'd be willing to eat an insect.

More 30 percent of them eat insects annually or more frequently...

 PHD candidate Neil Birrell talks to Jesse about our appetite for insects!

Fried insects.

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1.30 All Black and Springbok history in pictures

The All Blacks played the Springboks in an historic match this weekend - the hundreth between the two teams.

The history between the two sides and their nations has been fraught at times, and photographer Anthony Phelps has captured some of that.  

His new book September 12 The Third Test and Final Protest of the 1981 Springbok Tour  is a collection of photos Anthony took when he was just 19 years old. He talks to Jesse about the book.

The All Blacks are seen performing the Haka during the Rugby Championship Round 5 match between New Zealand All Blacks and South Africa Springboks at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville

Photo: Photosport

1.40 Birds are the biggest beneficiaries during lockdowns

Birds in Canada and the United States have benefitted from the slow down in human activity due to the pandemic.

Researchers have been studying the behaviour of birds during lockdowns across Canada and the United States, and their findings offer lessons for how we can make our urban spaces more attractive for birds.

Dr Nicky Koper a conservation biologist from the University of Manitoba in Canada talks to Jesse.

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2:10 Television Critic: Perlina Lau


2:20  The Lazarus Heist, final episode

This week is the final episode in the series from the BBC World Service, The Lazarus Heist. It tells the true story of an attempted $1 billion hack, which investigators say was carried out by a secretive ring of elite North Korean hackers.

In this episode the investigation into the WannaCry attack leads to an uncomfortable discovery for the US authorities. And an accidental hero faces up to his past.

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2:30 Expert Feature: Weight Training

Gyms around the country have been closed for the past 6 weeks but if you're looking to begin a new fitness journey once they open their doors again then we have an expert to help you on your way.

Rochelle Lloyd is a personal trainer at Flex Fitness Botany, runs an online coaching business Wellness Rox, she is a Bikini Athlete and was the Overall Bikini Champion at the 2020 NZIFBB Natural Nationals. 

Text any questions in to 2101 or email them to jesse@rnz.co.nz.

Personal trainer Rochelle Lloyd won the Overall Bikini Champion at the 2020 NZIFBB Natural Nationals.

Personal trainer Rochelle Lloyd won the Overall Bikini Champion at the 2020 NZIFBB Natural Nationals. Photo: Supplied

3:10 Running the family like a firm for success!

Running a successful family is a lot like running a successful small  business. It takes a clear vision about priorities, logistical finesse and a firm grasp of the data to develop a sound decision making framework. So that's how  economist and professor Dr Emily Oster does. She applies some of the lesson she teaches her MBA students to keeping a family running. She shows how applying business decision making principles to the home can pay big dividends in her latest book The Family Firm: A Data-Driven Guide to Better Decision-Making in the Early School Years.

Dr Emily Oster

Dr Emily Oster Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

In 'Voices' today; Kadambari Raghukumar talks to a former refugee who arrived in Nz just months before last years lockdown - what's the past year been like for her?

Fatema and her Red Cross volunteers

Fatema and her Red Cross volunteers Photo: RNZ/ Red Cross

3:45 The Panel with Mary Margaret Slack and Chris Finlayson