1:00 COVID update live

During the current community outbreak of delta variant of COVID-19, each day there is an update from the government and public health officers. We will take that live from around 1pm when the press conference begi

1:17 Wānaka wants its own local government entity

Sick of getting the feeling they are playing second fiddle to tourism mecca Queenstown, Wānaka residents are looking to secede.

They want their own local authority for the town separate from the Queenstown lakes district council and they're serious.

Wānaka mechanic Dean Rankin's started a petition, which has almost gained enough signatures to trigger a Local Commission investigation. He talks to Jesse about their motivation for separation.

Generic stills of Wanaka

Photo: RNZ / Tess Brunton

1:27 Architectural writing awards to include children too

Now to a perfect activity for those of us interested in writing and architecture...especially for those of us still in lockdown.

The Warren Trust Awards for Architectural Writing is open for entries with a new category to include our tamariki, too.

Architectural designer and director at Matakohe Design and Urbanism Whāngarei, Jade Kake, who is one of the judges of this year's competition talks to Jesse about the competition.

Jade Kake

Jade Kake Photo: supplied

1:37 Following up the response to the Awhi Shed interivew

Yesterday we spoke to the woman behind an initiative to help more vulnerable families in their community during lockdown has been inundated with donations and has managed to help up to 200 families.

The Awhi Shed started out as providing food but has turned into a larger project including getting solar showers to homeless people.

Awhi Shed Aunty, Tuafono Teio talks to Jesse about the response she had to the interview yesterday after sharing her story.

If you'd like to support Tua and the Awhi Shed, you can get in touch at awhi.shed@gmail.com or donate to Awhi Shed: 03-1503-0014345-002.

Awhi Shed food parcel

Awhi Shed food parcel Photo: Awhi Shed

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.


2.12 Podcast Critic: Alix Higby

Afternoons producer Alix Higby joins Jesse on air to share a James Loftus special, including My Year in Mensa.

2:25 Bookmarks with Erik Thomson

Our Bookmarks guest today is actor Erik Thomson, who was born in Scotland, grew up in New Zealand and is now based in Australia.He's starred in Packed to the Rafters and 800 words, and recent projects include the new Kiwi thriller Coming Home in the Dark and the television adaptation of The Luminaries. He joins Jesse from Adelaide.

Actor Erik Thomson

Actor Erik Thomson Photo: Supplied

3:10 The power of words: Cody Keenan on writing for President Obama

Words can wound. Words can heal and one voice can change the world. Cody Keenan was a speechwriter for former US president Barack Obama for 12 years. He helped craft speeches for the UN and for the State of the Union, but says one of his most important collaborations with the president was the speech he crafted when a white supremacist murdered nine Black parishioners  in South Carolina. He tells us about the power of speeches and how to write a good one.

Cody Keenan with Barack Obama

Cody Keenan with Barack Obama Photo: Public Domain

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

This week on Our Changing World, a trip into one of Aotearoa’s native mangrove forests. Jacque de Satgé a PhD student at Massey University, is researching how a cryptic bird species called the banded rail uses the mangroves for foraging. With the challenging dense forests, muddy conditions, and a bird that likes to stay well hidden, Jacques has had to get creative about some of his research techniques to ensure he gathers good data.

Testing mud for impressionability - a plastic box filled with stones weighing the same amount as a banded rail is used to test whether the mud is a good substrate for footprints.

Testing mud for impressionability Photo: RNZ / Claire Concannon

3:45 The Panel with Amy Adams and Allan Blackman