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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 23 August 2021

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1:12 First song


1:17 New Plymouth airport terminal design getting international attention 

New Plymouth's airport terminal - Te Hono - is a finalist in a major international design award - Unesco's Prix Versailles!

The architect behind the eye-catching design, Campbell Craig, joins Jesse to talk about creating a practical space, while also incorporating a Māori love story into the design.

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Photo: New Plymouth District Council / Supplied

1.27 Possum spotting in the city

New research shows possums are living in our cities in high enough numbers to do damage to native trees and animals. Now a University of Otago and Manaaki Whenua/Landcare Research study suggests people living in urban areas could carry out possum control to help keep numbers down. 

It's New Zealand's first rigourous estimate of possum numbers in urban environments. 

Lead researcher and Zoology Masters graduate Charlotte Patterson explains their plans to Jesse. 



1.34 Providing a brand new primary health care service from home

A new primary health care service in Blenheim - Manu Ora - had only been open for a week when lockdown hit. 
The new service is a break from your usual GP as it takes a holistic whanau-centered approach to health care. 
Manu Ora mātanga rata (general practitioner) Dr Sara Simmons is now working from home. She talks to Jesse about the challenges of running a new business in an alert level four lockdown! 

A doctor with a stethoscope writes up a medical record

Photo: 123RF

1:45 Great NZ Album

2:10 Television Critic: Perlina Lau 

Today Perlina talks about The Chair on Netflix and her verdict The Lotus.

2:20  Lazarus Heist episode 10 

The Lazarus Heist is a BBC series that tells the true story of an attempted $1 billion hack, which investigators say was carried out by a secretive ring of elite North Korean hackers. 

In this week's episode: A car loaded with cash, fake millionaires and death threats - we're following the money. The story moves to the Philippines.

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2:30 Make-up artistry with Sophie Tabakas

For today's feature, we're looking at the art of make up and making the most of the multitude of options out there. 

Sophie Tabakas studied at The Makeup School in Auckland before spending a year working as a makeup artist in Hollywood, California.  

She now has her own mobile makeup company - Beauty by Sophie. You can text your questions to Jesse on 2101 or email   

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Photo: pixabay

3:10 Tax consultant turned comedian Nazeem Hussain's fun financial advice

After studying tax law and working as a tax consultant, the joke's on Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain because he says he is hopeless with money. But he's learning to make his life richer by spending less on things that don't add anything to his life. Nazeem Hussain shares what he's learning about where we waste money and what to do about it as the host of a popular podcast called The Pineapple Project. 

Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem Hussain Photo: supplied

3:35 Voices

In ‘Voices’ today;  Kadambari Raghukumar talks to one of Auckland’s kickboxing stars, Hayellom Tesfay.

Hayellom Tesfay (L) Suran Juanmiry (R)

Hayellom Tesfay (L) Suran Juanmiry (R) Photo: Leo Kurono Kirk

3:45 Rob Kelly talks about Winnie the Pooh's 100th birthday!

Winnie the Pooh in an EH Shepard sketch.


4.00 COVID lockdown details update, no Panel today