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1:17 New documentary shines a light on dairy farming in New Zealand

A new six-part documentary investigates the impact and future of the dairy farming boom in Aotearoa.

It's called 'Milk and Money', it's streaming on TVNZ. The journalist behind the series, Baz Macdonald talks to Jesse about what his documentary has uncovered.

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1:27 Ruatāhuna honey company wins 'best-tasting in the world" title

Honey produced in Ruatāhuna in the middle of Te Urewera forest has been named the tastiest in the world.

Manawa Honey's rewarewa honey took out the grand prize in this year's Black Jar International Competition held in the US. 

Manwa's chief executive, Brenda Tahi, talks to Jesse about going up against honey producers from all over the world and winning!  

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1:35 Nappy Godmother supplying cloth nappies around Manawatu

For six years a grandmother in Marton has been quietly supplying and washing cloth nappies for local families.

But now she's busy dropping off and picking up nappies all over Palmerston North and Whanganui.

Pamela Rees AKA the Nappy Godmother talks to Jesse about why she's so passionate about cloth nappies.

Reusable nappies hanging outside to dry.

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1:50 How to Write a Pepeha with Shannon Haunui-Thompson

For today's how to write we're looking at the ins and outs of a pepeha, which is an introduction used in a Māori context.

It's got a formal basis but the idea is universal as everyone has a pepeha which links them to their ancestors.

To tell us more about a pepeha and how to write one, when you need to have one and what you should include,RNZ's Māori Strategy Manager Shannon Haunui-Thompson talks to Jesse.

Former Minister of Māori Affairs Koro Wētere was buried today at a family urupā near Te Kuiti. His body has been lying in state at Tūrangawaewae Marae since Saturday, when he died, a day after his 83rd birthday. His tūpāpaku will be taken to Ōparure Marae before being buried at a whānau urupā.

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2:10 Book Critic: Pip Adam

Today Pip reviews, Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl's Confabulous Memoir by Kai Cheng Thom, Things I Learnt at Art School by Megan Dunn and ANTISTATIC an exhibition by Anna Pendergrast & Kelly Pendergrast.

2:20 Music feature: Lyrics as poetry with Clare Mabey 

For this week's music feature, we're doing a deep dive into song lyrics as a form of poetry.

Claire Mabey, who's director of the Verb Wellington and one of our regular book critics, has been doing some  'forensic readings' of songs for the Flying Nun website.

So we thought we'd invite her to share her analysis of some popular songs including a couple of New Zealand gems!

Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding Photo: Clare Shilland

3:10 A life time with sharks: Valerie Taylor's story

Legendary Australian diver Valerie Taylor knows so many people are afraid of sharks because of her work.  She and her late husband shot the real shark footage for the movie Jaws. At 85, she's doing all she can to help others understand that was fiction and sharks are actually  intelligent, endlessly fascinating and more like dogs. A new documentary captures her incredible life and her mission. It's called Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story. It's streaming on Disney+ now.


3:30 Spoken Feature: BBC Witness

Witness History brings you the story of the Japanese Bullet Train which was launched to coincide with the first Olympics to be held in Japan, in 1964.  Lucy Burns speaks to one of its first drivers.

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3:45 The Panel with Cindy Mitchener and Gary McCormick