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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 16 June 2021


1.12 First Song:


1:17 Team NZ looking for new waters for America's Cup regatta 

It's unclear where the next America's Cup regatta will be held, but all signs so far from Team New Zealand are that it won't be in Auckland again. Just a few hours ago Minister responsible for the America's Cup Stuart Nash confirmed that the joint Crown-Auckland Council offer to host the next regatta has been declined by the board of Team NZ.

Richard Gladwell is the New Zealand Editor for

Grant Dalton, CEO of Team New Zealand.


1:27 The humble story of the vinegar fly 

Well, time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

We were talking about storing fruit on Monday and lots of people had question about fruit flies. 

Who better to answer them than bug man, entomologist and naturalist Ruud Kleinpaste. 

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Photo: Publci Domain, photo by Jesse Rorabaugh

1:37 10,000 school lunches served in 6 months 

It's been a big year for the team at Nourish Ōraka in the Ōtautahi suburb of Shirley. They've gone from having a plan to provide school lunches for students at Shirley Primary school, to this week serving their ten thousandth lunch! Bec Roper-Gee from Nourish Ōraka joins Jesse to explain hw they're getting it done. 

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Photo: Nourish Ōraka

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.

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Photo: Public Domain

Tumanbay, The Cipher podcast images

Tumanbay, The Cipher podcast images Photo: BBC

2.12 Podcast Critic: Paul Bushnell 

RNZ's Paul Bushnell has been listening to podcasts that he feels really demand your attention. He joins Jesse to discuss Tumanbay and The Cipher, both made by the BBC.

2:25 Bookmarks with Paul Williams

Comedian and musician, Paul Williams, joins us for Bookmarks today.

Paul has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe among others. 

And, most recently, you might have spotted him on TV show Taskmaster New Zealand!

He shares some of his favourite songs, books, movies, TV shows and podcasts with Jesse.

Paul Williams.

Paul Williams. Photo: Supplied.

Paul's favourite picks:


The Sound of Music

To Catch a Thief

North by Northwest



Freaks & Geeks

The Office 

Arrested Development


Reply All - Episode 158: The Case of the Missing Hit. 

The History of the Seattle Mariners - Dorktown.


Nomad - Alan Partridge

The Thief Lord - Cornelia Funke


Heard ‘Em Say - Kanye West

God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

You Only Live Once - The Strokes

My Favourite Things - Julie Andrews

3:10 Why 30 will never be the new 20! 

30 is not the new 20. Our twenties are the most transformative period in our lives says psychologist Dr Meg Jay. But too  many twentysomethings put off big decisions about jobs and relationships and exploration becomes procrastination.  We'll talk to Dr Meg Jay about the update to her ground breaking book, The Defining Decade.

Dr Meg Jay

Dr Meg Jay Photo: supplied

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and long Covid patients share many symptoms. A biochemistry lab group in the University of Otago are investigating whether they share the same patterns of change at a cellular level too. Claire Concannon finds out about the experiments they are working on.

Tina Edgar, the Tate lab technician, stands by her lab bench which is full of glass bottles, plastic racks, desktop machines (centrifuge) and a Styrofoam box with samples in it.

Tina Edgar, the Tate lab technician, processes blood samples to extract DNA and proteins. Photo: RNZ

3:45 The Panel with Cindy Mitchener and Nick Ward