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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 2 February 2021


1:12 First Song: Bluey Green debuts "Morning Sunshine".

The debut single from Bluey Green and it's video premiere will be on RNZ today. Jesse talks to Bluey Green about his song, Morning Sunshine, and a mystery surrounding footage in the video. 

Bluey Green

Bluey Green Photo: suppled

1:17 Forest & Bird calls for wetland restoration plan

Forest and Bird is calling on the Government to develop a national wetland restoration plan, saying they are our "secret resource" to help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Only 10 percent of historic peat wetlands remain, and more than 70 percent of former peatland is currently used for intensive agriculture.

Annabeth Cohen, Forest & Bird freshwater conservation advocate, explains what would be in the plan and why she thinks it's necessary. 

Kaiwaiwai wetland

Kaiwaiwai wetland Photo: Aiden Bichen

1:27 The redeeming qualities of talkback radio

Racist comments made by Magic Talk fill-in host John Banks, and his subsequent dismissal from the role, dominated the headlines last week. 

The Spinoff staff writer Alex Braae argues that the incident does not mean talkback radio should be written off entirely, in an opinion piece titled 'In defence of talkback radio'.

OB talk back system 'on air' indicator

OB talk back system 'on air' indicator Photo: Clarissa Dunn

1:35 Helping youth cope with anxieties and depression 

Jazz Thornton and Genevieve Mora both struggled with mental illness as teenagers and in their darkest moments, both found it hard to find tools that worked to keep hope alive.

They are co founders of Voices of Hope, advocating for people with mental health issues, and they are co-authors of a new book offering a roadmap. It's called My  Journey Starts Here : A Guided Journal to Improve Your Mental Well-being. 

Genevieve Mora (L) and Jazz Thornton (R)

Genevieve Mora (L) and Jazz Thornton (R) Photo: @Points of Light

1:50 How to Write: A Complaint 

For today's How To Write feature, Jesse speaks to Audrey Fell-Smith, she's the Service Manager at Wellington's  Central Citizen's Advice Bureau. She's got some great tips on how to write a complaint.

No caption

Photo: Creative Commons

2:10 Book Critic: Pip Adam

Pip is talking this week all about books about writing. Her list includes one kind of ‘how to’ book, a metatextual novel and a book of essays that use art (including books) as a sort of outside in approach to exploring the monstrous.

No caption

Photo: Supplied / Ebony Lamb Photography

2:20 Music Feature - Peter Gabriel 

Peter Gabriel made his name in the band Genesis - as the front man who dressed in masks, or sometimes his wife's wedding dress.

After he left in 1975 the band moved from its progressive rock roots to a more poppy sound. 

Meanwhile Peter Gabriel struck out on his own, creating a catalogue of music that our guest, music journalist Nik Dirga, listened to so often, he describes some songs as being 'tattooed onto his brain'. 

No caption

Photo: Abellera

3:10 John Colapinto on discovering the magnificence of the human voice

When New Yorker writer John Colapinto damaged his vocal chords, he discovered how magnificent our ability to speak is and how much our voices reveal who we are.  He investigates how babies learn to talk, what our accents reveal about us why there is a little bit of Pavoratti in each of us.   

John Colapinto


3:30 BBC Witness


3:45 The Panel with Ruth Money and Steve McCabe