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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 10 December 2020

Dickens gave us A Christmas Carol, Frank Cappra It's a Wonderful Life, what Christmas story do you have to share about your family or a cherished memory?  We want to hear your holiday stories for our Afternoons Christmas Chronicles.   

Email us your story in a paragraph and we will share some of the treasured tales the week before Christmas.  Email us 

A bee, landing on a pohutukawa bloom.

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1:17 Report on solitary confinement highlights the need for a law change

An Oxford University report, commissioned by the Human Rights Commission, has highlighted the problems with law surrounding solitary confinement in our prisons.

Jesse speaks to lawyer, Amanda Hill, a partner at Cooper Legal, about what's happening in our prisons and how it is ignoring the UN's stance on how long segregation should be for.

prisoner hand in jail

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1:27 COVID vaccine causes an allergic reaction

Two health workers in the UK have suffered allergic reactions to the COVID vaccine, prompting warnings that people with a history of allergies should avoid the vaccination.

Jesse speaks to Dr Nikki Turner, the director of Auckland University's Immunisation centre about why people without allergies shouldn't be put off getting the vaccination.

In this file image courtesy of the Henry Ford Health System, volunteers are given the Moderna mRNA-1273 Coronavirus Efficacy (COVE), on 5 August, 2020, in Detroit, Michigan.

Photo: AFP / Henry Ford Health System

1:35 Bringing joy to rest home residents and hospital patients for Christmas

Shaqaila Uelesse is a talented pianist who brings joy to rest homes, hospitals, hospices and residential care units throughout the year.

She explains to Jesse that for Christmas she's put the call out to other creatives to join her for concerts to lift spirits during the festive season.

Shaqaila also went viral in 2014 with her performance on a Napier piano.

1:45 Great album: Fleetwood Mac - Mirage

2:10 Brad Warrington's music picks

Brad Warrington aka DJ Sticky plays us a track from Common Saints EP Idol Eyes and Lee Fields and the Expressions - Did you know

No caption

Photo: Brad Warrington

2.20 The solo career of John Lennon

This week marks the death of legendary musician John Lennon, who died 40 years ago.

He was the leader of The Beatles, and in his solo career he created anthems, experimented with noise, and wrote some of the great love songs.

He also wrestled with being a Beatle, perhaps more than any of the others.

To explore this and pay tribute to Lennon on the anniversary of his death, music critic Simon Sweetman joins us with a selection of his favourite songs from Lennon's solo career.

No caption

Photo: Wikipedia/Commons

3:10 Link 3 Answer: The musicians all come from islands​

Lorde – Green Light / Skid Row – 18 and Life / Bjork - Hyperballad

3:15 Wellington's venues, housing and parking woes

Wellington based writer Dave Armstrong looks at a new report out on Wellington's performing venues, the escalating prices of houses and rents, and the problem of parking in the city. Could there be a solution? 

Dave Armstrong

Dave Armstrong Photo: supplied

3:25 Return to Rekohu: The more recent history of the Chatham Islands

A few months ago Dr Grant Morris from Victoria University of Wellington spoke to Jesse about Moriori on Rekohu. At that time he promised that before 2020 was out, he'd be back on The Chatham Islands to look at its more recent history. Today he joins the show LIVE from Rekohu.

An aerial view of Te Whanga lagoon on Chatham Island.

An aerial view of Te Whanga lagoon on Chatham Island. Photo: PHOTO NZ

3.35 Eyewitness

Eyewitness revisits the opening of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter in Bluff.  2021 could be its final year of operation, exactly fifty years since the pots were first fired up. 

21586193 - a vibrant sunrise overlooking bluff aluminium smelter new zealand

Photo: ekays/123RF

3:45 The Panel with Livia Esterhazy and Guy Williams



Music played in this show

Link 3 Songs: 

Lorde – Green Light

Skid Row – 18 and Life

Bjork - Hyperballad


Music Critic - Brad Warrington

Lee Fields and the Expressions - Did you know? 

Common Saints - Summer Sun 


Music Feature: Simon Sweetman - the 40th anniversary of John Lennon's death

1. Mother 
2. I Found Out
3. God 
4. How Do You Sleep? 
5. Jealous Guy
6. Out The Blue
7. I'm Losing You
8. Watching The Wheels