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Find out about our Kiwi Cover song Contest

1:00 Ministry of Health Covid 19 Update


1:17 Covid-19: Aucklanders prepare to emerge from Level 3

Jesse speaks to mathematician and Covid modeller, Michael Plank, to discuss the latest data from the Ministry of Health.

Woman using public transport during Covid-19 crisis wearing face mask.

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1:35 Digital art gallery launched for young Kiwis

A new digital gallery aims to connect the work of New Zealand artists with young art buyers.

The founders of Paradise Press are fans of the 'slow art movement'.

Jesse speaks to co-founder Annabel Hawkins to find out more.

The founders of Paradise Press: Patrick Hickley and Annabel Hawkins in their Auckland flat.

The founders of Paradise Press: Patrick Hickley and Annabel Hawkins in their Auckland flat. Photo: Supplied.

1:45 A cracking yarn: The rescue of Canterbury chickens

North Canterbury Chicken Rescue rescues unwanted or dumped chickens.

Jesse speaks to the founder of the group, Amanda Gill, about her passion for chickens and why chickens make such good pets.

The group has also launched a fundraising campaign here

North Canterbury Chicken Rescue in action.

North Canterbury Chicken Rescue in action. Photo: Facebook / North Canterbury Chicken Rescue

1:53  Jenny Mitchell - The Grainstore Sessions: Travelling Bones

Travelling Bones has just been released by southern singer / songwriter Jenny Mitchell. It is the first of five tracks that make up The Grainstore Sessions.The following four will be released fortnightly (with audio + accompanying live video). You can pre-order the physical CD (the soundtrack of the sessions) and find details of her upcoming tour here.



2:10 Ali Ventura's weekend movies

Ali reviews The Quarry and Papi Chulo. She would have also loved to have been able to get to see Tenet, but as Auckland is still in Level Three lockdown - it just wasn't possible. 

2:20 NZ Live CLASSIC Tami Neilson

Today's NZ Live classic features Auckland-based Canadian-born force of nature Tami Neilson.

Tami Neilson's music career started in her homeland of Canada, where, from the age of 12 she toured with the Neilson Family band. After moving to New Zealand in 2007, she won the NZ Music Awards Tui for Best Country Album three consecutive times (Red Dirt Angel, 2009; The Kitchen Table Sessions Vol I, 2010; Kitchen Table Sessions Vol II, 2012). Tami and her brother Jay also won the 2014 Silver Scroll Award for their song Walk (Back To Your Arms)

In June 2018 on the day of the release of her sixth album 'Sassafrass!' Tami and her band were invited into the RNZ Studio.

Tami Neilson

Tami Neilson Photo: RNZ

3:08 Whole Orange and Date Muffins - Lauraine Jacobs

Food writer Lauraine Jacobs says this season is all about stunning New Zealand oranges. She shares her delicious  recipe for Whole Orange and Date Muffins.

More great ideas from Lauraine can be found here.

Whole Orange and Date muffins

Whole Orange and Date muffins Photo: Lauraine Jacobs

3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from midday talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

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Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly


3:25 Ask the builder - Stan Scott

Stan Scott answers more of your DIY questions - please email

3:35 Critter of the Week Hidden Spider Orchid

This week's critter looks similar to a spider, is a little spooky and is a type of ghost orchid - it's the hidden spider orchid. This plant doesn't photosynthesize, instead it lives off dead organic matter via fungi - zombie plant explains Doc's Nicola Toki' 

3:45 The Panel with Victoria Stewart and Guy Williams


Music played in this show

Lontalius - Someone Will Be There For You

Jenny Mitchell - Travelling Bones

NZ LIVE CLASSIC - Tami Neilson

Miss Jones (T. Neilson)
A Woman's Pain (T Neilson / J. Neilson)
Devil In A Dress (T. Neilson)
Stay Out Of My Business ( T. Neilson)