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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 15 July 2020


1:17 Hopes for an air bridge to Cook Islands soon

Talks are going to get underway within a week to firm up the logistics of creating an air bridge between New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

We speak to University of Canterbury mathematics and statistics professor Michael Plank about what needs to happen and how soon we could be travelling there.

Aerial landscape view of the beautiful Muri Lagoon and a Motu (Islet) in Rarotonga Island in the Cook Islands.

Photo: Rafael Ben-Ari/ 123RF

1:27 Concerns Cadbury demolition will be left as an empty site

The Ministry of Health has publicly notified its intention to demolish the Cadbury Factory in Dunedin.

Critics are concerned there's no plans been submitted for the hospital planned to go on the site.

Dunedin Heritage Buildings developer Ted Daniels talks to Jesse about the city's habit of demolition, plans changing and how that impacts the streetscape.

Cadbury Chocolate factory

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King


 Logo of Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Photo: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

1:37 Ngā Taonga Sound Archives - a sound history of the Manapouri power project

The announcement last week of plans to close Bluff’s Tiwai Point aluminium smelter sent shockwaves into the economy with the prospect of the loss of over 1,000 jobs.  In today’s visit to the sound archives with Sarah Johnston we will hear how this is in sharp contrast to 50 years ago, when building the new smelter and its associated power station at Lake Manapouri were the country’s biggest-ever construction job, employing hundreds of workers from around the world.

Listen to a 1967 radio documentary about the workers building the Manapouri power project.

Listen to a 1994 Spectrum programme about a reunion of Manapouri workers.

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Photo: John Duke


2.12 Denise Garland's podcast choices

This week RNZ's Denise Garland reviews a recent podcast series called Fierce and Widows of Shuhada - the 8-part documentary series which focuses on 4 women whose husbands were killed in the March 15 Christchurch mosque shootings. 

No caption

Photo: Copyright Janneth Gil

2:25 Bookmarks: Simon Marks - Feature Story News

You'll probably be familiar with the crisp British tones of today's Bookmarks guest, but perhaps not so familiar with him outside of his coverage of US politics. Simon Marks is the President and Chief Correspondent of Feature Story News (FSN) which he set up almost 30 years ago. FSN has 70 staff in 20 bureaux around the world.
It provides a lot of RNZ's international news coverage and listeners will be familiar with Simon's coverage of US politics across RNZ news programmes, especially Morning Report.   We thought it was time to get to know him better.

Simon Marks

Simon Marks Photo: Feature Story News


3:10 Pathologist writes about how many varied and unusual ways people die.

Palmerston North pathologist, Dr Cynric Temple-Camp, has seen it all when it comes to dying.

Hi latest book, The Quick and The Dead, looks at some of the unlikely, extraordinary and tragic way humans meet their end.

He speaks to Jesse about his life among the dead and how this book is different from his first number one selling one, The Cause of Death.

No caption

Photo: HarperCollins

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World. Voices from Antarctica 8: Under the ice part B

In the next 80 years, Antarctic sea ice is expected to shrink in area and thickness, and increasing snow and wind will change how much light gets through the ice. Alison Ballance meets scientists who are trying to measure and predict how these changes will affect life in Antarctica, especially the 'grass of the sea' under the ice. They are using coloured perspex panels to mimic changing light conditions, and hyperspectral scanning and remote operated vehicles, as well as ice cores, to measure how microscopic life responds.

Researchers lifting coloured perspex panels used in an experiment on the algae that grows under the sea ice. Mt Erebus in the background.

Researchers lifting coloured perspex panels used in an experiment on the algae that grows under the sea ice. Mt Erebus in the background. Photo: RNZ / Alison Ballance

3:45 The Panel with Victoria Stewart and Rajorshi Chakraborti

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