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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 7 July 2020


1:10 First Song

1:17 Report released on options for Auckland Port relocation

A new report on the Port of Auckland relocation has ranked Manukau Harbour as the best option.

The report, commissioned by the Government and released today, looked at five options and said for all them engineering and consenting could be difficult.

It also found that the economic costs would outweigh the economic benefits. NZ Herald senior writer Simon Wilson joins Jesse to dissect the report. 

AUCKLAND - JULY 12 2018:Freight ship in Ports of Auckland. its New Zealands largest commercial port handling more than NZ$20 billion of goods per year

Photo: 123RF

1:27 Erik's Fish and Chip reading challenge

Erik's Fish and Chips in Queenstown and Wanaka is running a reading challenge for local children.

Children are encouraged to read 5 books to win a kids meal.

The challenge is now expanding into Dunedin.

Jesse speaks to Anna Arndt from Erik's Fish and Chips.

Erik's fish and chips

Erik's fish and chips Photo: Engaged Media NZ limited

1:35 Renewed calls for Cook Islands name change

There are renewed calls in the Cook Islands for an indigenous Māori name, including Rarotonga's Tākitimu monarch.

The paramount chief has said she fully supported a Māori ancestral name for the nation, according to the Cook Islands News.

Jesse speaks to Colin Tukuitonga, former Pacific Community Director-General

and Associate Dean Pacific at the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Aerial landscape view of the beautiful Muri Lagoon and a Motu (Islet) in Rarotonga Island in the Cook Islands.

Photo: Rafael Ben-Ari/ 123RF

1:50 Do birds change their tune?

Researchers in British Colombia have spent the last two decades studying the "cultural evolution" of the white-throated sparrow song.

They’ve found that the song is changing.

Jesse speaks to Dr Ken Otter, a biology professor from the University of Northern British Colombia.

White-throated sparrow

White-throated sparrow Photo: Wikimedia commons

2:10 In defence of rules in fiction 

RNZ producer and bookworm Robert Kelly is in to defend genre fiction that follows the rules. It  often gets a bad rap by critics but Robert thinks they're bestsellers for a reason and that a book that follows the rules can be extremely satisfying for readers. 

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Photo: HarperCollins

2:20 Music Feature: The best basslines 

This week it's all about the bass, the 'glue' that binds the rhythm and melody together.  Taking us on this bass odyssey is RNZ's own resident deejay\music lover Brad Warrington aka DJ Sticky Fingaz.

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Photo: Flickr

3:10 Chase Purdy - Billion dollar burger - growing meat in a lab

Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, researchers in white coats are growing something in petri dishes that may one day appear on our dinner plates; meat. Journalist Chase Purdy takes us inside the global quest to grow meat in a lab.   His book is called Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech's Race for the Future of Food.

Chase Purdy

Chase Purdy Photo: Chase Purdy

3:30 Spoken Feature: Voices from Antarctica 7: What the ice is saying

Ninety percent of the world’s freshwater is locked up in ice in Antarctica and scientists are working to better understand what might happen with all that ice in a warming world. Alison Ballance meets some scientists about to look at an enormous ice stream draining from West Antarctica and feeding the world’s largest ice shelf.

The Ross Ice Shelf meets the smooth annual sea ice at Cape Crozier on Ross Island. The cliffs mark the seaward edge of the largest ice shelf in the world, about the size of France.

The Ross Ice Shelf meets the smooth annual sea ice at Cape Crozier on Ross Island. The cliffs mark the seaward edge of the largest ice shelf in the world, about the size of France. It is terrestrial ice which has flowed off the Antarctic continent and floats on the sea. The sea ice is frozen seawater. Photo: RNZ / Alison Ballance

3:45 The Panel with Michelle Boag and Shane Te Pou

Music played in this show

First Song: Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

Broods - Peach

Music Feature: Basslines with Brad Warrington aka DJ Sticky

Ben E King - Stand By Me
James Brown - Say It Loud 
Beatles - Come Together
Lou Reed - Take a Walk on the wild side
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby meets rocker uptown 
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Chic - Good Times
Queen - Another one bites the dust 
Micheal Jackson - Billy Jean 
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Give It away 
Portishead - Gory Box 
Daft Punk - Around The World
Roots Manuva  - Witness the fitness (1 Hope) 
White Stripes - 7 Nation Army 
Damien (Jr Gong) Marley - Welcome to Jamrock
Khrungbin - Evan Finds the Third Room
Vulfpeck - Dean Town