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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 26 June 2020

1:17 Calls for quarantining international travellers to be canned

The International Air Transport Association wants governments to stop quarantining international travellers as borders open up and instead adopt a different layered approach.

There is support for that change to be implemented in New Zealand so that we don't get cut off from airline connections and get the economy moving again.

Aviation commentator speaks to Jesse about why the quarantining option has to change in the future.

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1:27 Teresa Cowie on her Indepth report on elective caesreans

Reporter Teresa Cowie has written a piece for the RNZ Indepth site exploring the complicated world of women requesting a caesarean section birth without any medical reasons.

She found there were some big issues surrounding a woman's right to choose and the medical professions autonomy in making that decision.

medical professional holding pregant woman's hand

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1:35 Kiwi pre-schooler series 'Kiri and Lou' a UK hit

'Kiri and Lou' is a very New Zealand production featuring some well known musicians and actors.

It's also been a hit in the UK with 2 million streams, making it the BBC's number one for children's content.

Producer Fiona Copland talks to Jesse about how their prehistoric series has been so popular around the world.

Kiri and Lou

Kiri and Lou Photo: Supplied

1:50 Record prices at Gisborne's Angus Bull week

This week was Angus Bull week in Gisborne where breeders and buyers met up to trade.

A new record price was set for the sale of a bull at 104 thousand dollars.

AngusNZ breed manager Jane Allan talks to Jesse about why these animals are so in demand.

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2:10  Ali Ventura's weekend movie picks

Ali reviews Da 5 Bloods on Netflix and The Trip to Greece which is out in cinemas now.


2:20 NZ Live Classic

This week we delve back into April 2018 when Christchurch based trio Nomads were our feature guests on NZ LIVE to showcase the release of their debut album Can You Feel It. 


Photo: RNZ

3:08 Julie Biuso's Cispy vegetable cakes with broccoli and potatoes

Food Writers New Zealand has released its first electronic cookbook, Cosy, with all proceeds going to Meat the Need, a national charity with a goal to supply much needed meat to City Missions and Food Banks throughout the country. 

The e-cook book is just $10 and contains a collection of 40 achievable, family style, winter recipe contributions as well as a series of thought provoking food stories from Food Writers New Zealand members. Julie Biuso from Shared Kitchen shares her delicious recipe from it - Cispy vegetable cakes with broccoli and potatoes.

The recipe book is available for download here

Crispy Broccoli & Potato Stacks

Crispy Broccoli & Potato Stacks Photo: Julie Biuso \Shared Kitchen

3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from midday talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

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3:25 How to grow seeds

During lockdown people went all out and stocked up on seeds says Kay Baxter co-founder of the Koanga Institute.  She says now that life has returned to it's usual pace for many of us - will people have the time or the knowledge to plant their seeds so they prosper? 

Assortment of  fresh fruits and vegetables

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3:35 Critter of the Week Kaeo - Sea Squirt or Sea Tulip 

Doc's Nicola Toki introduces us to this week’s critter is the sea squirt or sea tulip. There common name comes from the fact they look like an odd shaped tulip. You can commonly find these native invertebrates attached to a rock in the shallow waters around the South Island, Stewart Island, on the coast around Wellington and several offshore islands, especially the Chatham Islands.

Sea Squirt Kāeo

Sea Squirt Kāeo Photo: Department of Conservation K R Grange

3:45 The Panel with Ruth Money and Chris Orr


Music played in this show

Oh My My - Nomad 1.06pm

Akilotoa - Avila and Linda 1.10pm

Get Away - Katchafire 2.24pm

Brothers and Sisters - Bongmaster Inc 3.20pm

Wolves - Bic Rungs 3.30 (my whoopsie)


Songs in the NZ live by Nomad - 2.20pm until 2.59pm

Don’t Trip My Friend

Oh My My

All Along

If I could Fly