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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 28 May 2020

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1:15 Ecologist responds to new water rules

The Government has just announced it will implement new rules to improve freshwater quality, along with measures to ease the financial impact on farmers. 

The policy includes plans to temporarily block further intensification of agriculture, require farmers to keep stock out of all waterways more than 1m wide, and a cap on the use of synthetic fertiliser. 

It also includes new rules for health standards at popular swimming spots and for urban waterways to be cleaned up. 

We speak to Victoria University of Wellington fresh water ecologist Mike Joy. 

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1:17 Calls for NZ Pacific bubble to get priority

The Government is prioritising its plan for a trans-Tasman travel bubble before it will consider opening up quarantine free travel to and from the Pacific Islands.

But not everyone agrees with that approach, including Dr Collin Tukuitonga. 

Dr Tukuitonga worked for the international development organisation The Pacific Community and is now the Associate Dean Pacific at the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. 


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1:26 Auckland circular economy workshops

Over the past few months teams from 25 companies have been taking part in Auckland's first circular economy series.  

If you haven't heard about it - the circular ecomony is a business model that encourages economic growth without degrading the enviroment.

The series is called xlabs and it's being run by the agency Circularity.

We speak to Circularity co-founder Louise Nash.

Louise Nash, founder of Circularity

Louise Nash, founder of Circularity Photo: Supplied

1:35 E-bike sales on the incline 

The number of e-bike and e-scooter imports to New Zealand has a hit a record high.

There were 65,000 imported in 2019, compared to 47,000 in 2018. 

Patrick Morgan from the Cycling Action Network joins us now. 

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1:45 Great album: The Smith's Hateful of Hollow

2:10 Waveney Russ' music picks​

Music critic Waveney Russ reviews Methyl Ethel – Charm Offensive and Faye Webster – In A Good Way.


2:25 Crimes NZ: 1987 Teresa Cormack murder case

In 1987, Teresa Cormack was abducted as she was walking to school. Former Detective Sergeant Keith Price searched for her killer and was finally able to arrest him, 15 years later.

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3:10 How to build a better New Zealand

Everybody has thoughts on how we can create a better New Zealand says Simon Wilson, senior writer for the New Zealand Herald.

3 January 2019: Christchurch, New Zealand - New Regent Street in the centre of Christchurch, with outdoor cafes and speciality shops, and the tram route running through it.

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3:20 The confusion over historical life expectancy in NZ

Dr Grant Morris from Victoria University of Wellington says life expectancy is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the whole of historical study.

Te Rauparaha and Sir George Grey

Te Rauparaha and Sir George Grey Photo: National Libray

3.30 New Zealand Music Month Fresh Music Videos Daily on RNZ

We're celebrating NZ Music Month with Fresh Music Daily by sharing a new song and video from an up-and-coming Kiwi artist every day throughout May. Today we're featuring Jake Love and his single Waste Away.

3:35 Witness History: Trying to save animals and habitat in the Zaire conflict

Throughout much of the 1990s the Democratic Republic of Congo, then known as Zaire, was gripped by war and turmoil. The fighting would last until 2003 and kill at least 5 million people. 

Rachael Gillman has been hearing from conservationist Corneille Ewango who did his best to save some of the animals and habitat threatened by the war in the Ituri Forest in the North East of the country.

Male gorilla at Kahuzi Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Male gorilla at Kahuzi Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo: AFP / Sofia Bouderbala

3:45 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Bill Ralston