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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 11 May 2020

We're asking you to design a t-shirt print to help remember or commemorate this weird time for New Zealand at level 3 and 4.

Entries must be in by 5pm Friday 15th May

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1:17 NZ Planet Hunters find a "Super Earth".

Two University of Canterbury Astronomers were leading a team which has discovered a "one in a million" similar planet to earth near the centre of the galaxy.

Lead author on the team from Canterbury, Dr Antonio Herrera Martin explains how hard it was to find and what it means.

Dr Antonio Herrera Martin

Dr Antonio Herrera Martin Photo: supplied

1.27 A post-lockdown resolutions project

A graphic designer in Nelson is asking people to think of resolutions for life after lockdown.

You can send your submissions to

We speak to Floor van Lierop who is running the website.

New Era Resolutions

New Era Resolutions Photo: Supplied

1.34 Auckland Museum asks for Covid-19 objects

Looking ahead to the time when Covid-19 is viewed through the rear view mirror, Auckland Museum is asking the public to help gather items that will tell the story for future generations.

The Museum put out the call a few days ago for 100 items related to the pandemic and lockdown.

We speak to Auckland Museums’s Curator of History Lucy Mackintosh.

A Covid-19 object submission

A Covid-19 object submission Photo: Auckland Museum

1:45 Great NZ Album

2:10 Guy Williams on what he's been watching

Guy Williams gives us his thoughts on:

Jerry Seinfeld - 23 Hours to kill (Netflix)

Gary Gulman - The Great Depresh  (Neon)

And the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance (Netflix)

No caption

Photo: Netflix


2:20 Up in the air during the lockdown

Flying has been off the cards for most of us over the past six weeks due to Covid-19, but there are still flights happening including for cargo and for repatriation.  

We speak to Philip Kirk who's an Air New Zealand Boeing technical pilot.

32178804 - melbourne australia - september 13, 2014: air new zealand check in counter at melbourne airport


2:30 Penelope Jackson - expert on art crime

Over the past few weeks, brazen thieves have stolen art from shuttered museums in Europe as Covid-19 forces people to stay at home.

Police are looking for art works by Van Gogh, Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Annibal Caracci, and Salvator Rosa, taken in two separate heists.

Other thieves were foiled in their attempt to steal a priceless crucifixion painting by the Flemish master, Pieter Bruegel the younger, in Northern Italy.

Today's expert, Penelope Jackson has written two books on art crime and was about to start a third when lockdown forced her home to Tauranga.


3:10 Alicia Keys on her 7th Album and memoir

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Photo: supplied

When Alicia Keys released her very first album at age 18, she sent up a prayer that she would have something to say.  She did. 

Her songs about empowerment and strong women have earned 15 grammies. 

Now her 7th album, ALICIA,  is about to be released and she has something to else to say.

She speaks to Jesse about her work and the song, Good Job, which has become an anthem to show appreciation for essential workers during the pandemic.

3:30 NZ Music month video of the day

We're celebrating NZ Music Month with a thing we're calling Fresh Music Daily. Each day we're sharing a new song and video from an up-and-coming Kiwi artist every day throughout May. Today we're featuring AC Freazy


3:35 Voices


3:45 The Panel with Fatumata Bah and  Phil O'Reilly