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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 21 April 2020

1:00 Live coverage of the Ministry of Health's latest Covid Update

An update from the Government on Covid 19 - speakers today are Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield during a press conference at Parliament on 5 April 2020. New Zealand was placed in complete lockdown and a state of national emergency was declared on Thursday 26 March to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the country.

Photo: Pool / Getty

1:30 Farmers concerned about meat processing delays 

Farmers across the country are concerned about delays in the meat processing time, between when animals are killed and then processed at meat plants, due to Covid-19.

We speak to Federated Farmers national president Katie Milne.

Sheep ready for weighing

Sheep ready for weighing Photo: RNZ/Sally Round

1:40 Hospitality sector prepares for Level 3 

About a third of restaurants, cafes and takeaway businesses are considering reopening once we move to alert level 3 on the 28th of April.  

That's according to a Restaurant Association survey.

We speak to Mimi Gilmour Buckley, the owner of Burger Burger.

Burger Burger in Christchurch

Burger Burger in Christchurch Photo: Supplied

1:50 A worldwide story project 

Children from all around the world are writing stories together in isolation, as part of an online project called Storytag.  

Within a few days of the launch there were entries from across the UK, Capetown, Paris, Madrid and Auckland. 

We speak to Fritha Hookway, who is co-running Storytag.


Storytag Photo: Supplied

2:10 Three readable  thrillers with dystopian technology at their centre

Lisa Glass reviews Followers - Megan Angelo (2020); The Circle- Dave Eggers (2013); and No Harm Can Come to a Good Man- James Smythe (2015)

2:20 Return of the Modern Rock Gods

Today's music feature was dreamed up for us by comedian Ben Hurley and he says it could just as easily be entitled "New Songs for GenXers". We hear some selections from Pearl Jam, The Pixies and The Strokes.

Ben Hurley says his comedy career started with a worn out couch

Ben Hurley says his comedy career started with a worn out couch Photo: Kate Little

3:10 Healthcare futurist Jamie Metzl predicts what the world will be like after Covid 19

We're not going back to business as usual after the corona virus emergency ends and that's a good thing says technology and healthcare futurist Jamie Metzl. The Covid-19 crisis has revealed the mismatch between global challenges and institutions to deal with them. He shares his view of what the future will look like after the pandemic.  

Dr Jamie Metzl is a technology futurist, geopolitical expert, writer, and a member of a WHO advisory committee on human genome editing. Think Inc. is hosting an online event Sunday with Dr Metzl  to talk about humanity after the pandemic. It's called Hacking the Coronavirus: The Future of Our World. More detail is here

3:30 Spoken Feature: New Flags Flying

Ian and Angela Johnstone and their three children went to live in Suva in 1971 as Ian continued his role of setting up a news exchange across the Pacific. 

(L-R) Linden Clark, Elma MaUa and Ian Johnstone preparing for the launch of RNZ International now RNZ Pacific in 1990.

(L-R) Linden Clark, Elma MaUa and Ian Johnstone preparing for the launch of RNZ International now RNZ Pacific in 1990. Photo: RNZ Pacific

3:45 The Panel with Cindy Mitchener and Chris Wikaira